The Grateful Dead II
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More of the project that I'm doing that's called the Grateful Dead (not to be confused with the band, sorry). Based off an old myth that if you put a soul to rest, the soul will then guard you as a thanks. There's a lot of them folks here, and a lot of them dead folks, so let's begin!

From left to right:

Dusky - Little spunky girl who hates being told how freaking short she is, and would rather bash out your kneecaps than bake brownies with you.

July - The ghost attatched to Dusky, who was tragically shot four times during a cattle run. He's an honest man, and I assure you, he knows how to 'quit you'.

Yvonne - Grease monkey! A little timid but a good girl who has her head in mechanics instead of the clouds.

Suzannah - Guardian of Yvonne, Suzannah is a southern belle who, very unfortunately, passed away due to causes such as the extreme heat and a far too tight corset.

Charley - A fantastic, eccentric person who overall makes the best diary entries ever in the form of very elementary type drawings. She can dance too.

Bastien - Loosely considered the guardian to Charley, Bastien is a French philosopher during the times of the French Revolution that was beheaded, quite obviously. Snooty and full of wit, his tongue is about as sharp as the blade that severed his head.

Knox - The skirt chasing circus monkey.

Marisol - Also a circus performer, it was probably fate that lead her to being the guardian of another of her kind. Marisol tragically fell from the tightrope during a performance, traumatizing several children and families as well as ending her own life.

Lucy - A young girl that's a little naive but hopeful to be a good friend, Lucy generally means well and can't stop thinking about boys.

Grayson - Also young and naive, Grayson is the guardian of Lucy, coming from the Victorian times. Unfortunately for her, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was struck with lightning and given a permanent snazzy hairdo to last her in her afterlife.

And that's all of them! Hope you enjoy! <img src="https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/heart.gif" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" />

All characters to their respective owners, Dusky & July (c) rurouni-lu, Yvonne & Suzannah (c) Tweek, Charley (c) Rosemilk, Knox (c) Raife, Lucy (c) Quinny-Chan, etc, etc!
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huh i didnt know that myth
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ArtticWitchica's avatar
Cool. I Like July, Knox, and Grayson. Like How you drew all the characters.
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Re--nd| Photographer
ooooh, so awsome. I love Grayson, Marisol, and Dusky.
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shimoyo|Professional Digital Artist
I SOOOO wanted these when the shop was up and running!!! (natsube btw)

BUUUTT i am now reading Lock and Key so all is well!
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vert-is-ninja's avatar
Awww!! Hey! Thank you! I'm sad it's not runnin' anymore, but now I'm also busy with Lock & Key! GLad you're enjoying it! :heart:
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Maija|Professional General Artist
Grayson and July are my favorite ghosts out of this lot. Grayson's snazzy hairdo is very snazzy!
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MagnoliaPearl's avatar
Nice colors and angles.
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cheenot|Professional Digital Artist
They are all so completely awesome :0<3 I like the sparkly ghosty effects you've used to differenciate (I can spell >_> not) the people and the ghosts! WIN!
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wolfie-janice's avatar
I especially like how you colored the souls. July is my favorite here.
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sam4grafix's avatar
Suppah work!
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mitani-chan| General Artist
I would like a ghost to protect me too.. would be too col xDD
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hahatem|Professional General Artist
well done ..i like this very much :)
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ScatterbrainFox's avatar
Grayson is ultra cute! And seems to have some similarity to the person she's guarding. Charley's expression is gold and Marisol looks... awesome. Just awesome, not really like a human (or a ghost of one) but more like a fantasy creature, but yeah <3 I love it
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samsketch81's avatar
Wow, this is cool... I want a gaurdian too!
:lol This should make an awesome story.
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Beloved-Loveless's avatar
ahh how cool. :+favlove:
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DukeOGlue's avatar
DukeOGlue|Professional General Artist
Dude, I'd forgotten how much I've missed your artwork...
We want more! We want more!
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JillAndersen|Professional Filmographer
weeeeeeeee! AWSOME! i totally love your style! ^^ I want to know more about the story! :boogie:
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TheOnlyWarman|Professional General Artist
to simply put it, this is a piece of extreme and utter beauty with a great effort and stunning worksmanship, that shows that the artist in this case tessa stone is such a skilled person that is capable of both creating phantasies and stories like matches create fire as well as illustrate them in the most vivid ways, in other words AWESOME
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apolly0n|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The character designs on this are so well-done! I love it! :3
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Wyv-Kate's avatar
Such a great idea, I hope you run with it!!
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Iheartu4urmind's avatar
i hate being told how freaking short i am too. :sushi:
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dolle|Professional Digital Artist
Ah, I love the concept and the art. How do you make the lines so angular and different widths in one stroke? Do you do the lineart by hand and scan it in or do it all on the computer? (Technique nerd... :])
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vert-is-ninja's avatar
I actually use Illustrator to ink! I pencil it all by hand and ink it in that wonderful program using the pen tool.
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even though I know nothing about this project I can tell u know a good story idea when you here one and I think thats awsome!!
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