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Next To You I'm Really Short

King Llama: Llamas are awesome! (3120)
Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)Blank Stare Cake: Delicious never looked so :| (9)
My Bio

Current Residence: San Jose, CA
Favourite genre of music: anything that rocks
Favourite style of art: candycoated horror
Favourite cartoon character: Owen Burnett [Gargoyles]

Favourite Visual Artist
too many
Favourite Movies
I never know. I have terrible tastes in movies, though, ok?
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tools of the Trade
My stubby ass hands.
Other Interests

my favorite fruit is a/an

  |  10006 votes
  • orange, they are just so citrus-y and when I eat one my hands smell so clean.
  • strawberry as they are also awesome on any other type of dessert. But not desert. No strawberries there.
  • banana. Tessa can't be your friend anymore, hahaha. Just kidding. Kind of.
  • cherry but why are they always so expensive.
  • apple.
  • I really just wanted the last poll off my front page.

con suggestions?

con suggestions?

I totally had this dream last night where I asked you guys on DA what conventions you would suggest going to, and then I woke up and was all 'GOSH SO WEIRD' and once I had breakfast and coffee I started realizing this wasn't a bad idea. Gee golly, thanks subconscious!! Anyhow, I have a few cons already lined up in my mind, but I also wanted to expand my horizons and not just repeat the ones I did last year (plus I like seeing new places!). I am going to try to pick my cons very carefully and make a smart schedule this year (meaning err, 2011!) as last year I ended up doing everything last minute and being weirded out and sick the entire tim

[TAKE TWO] Quick, this guy/girl who really annoys the h...

  |  7765 votes
  • Casimiro, because you don't seem to mind the idea of having to help someone dump a body into the nearest body of water. +40 Evil
  • Finas, because he's got the look of the guy who wouldn't want someone messing with his lover. He doesn't play along though, and dumps you with the offender. You lose.
  • Lamont, because since he's always covered in bruises you figure it would intimidate the offender. It WORKS, but then Lamont takes you up on the concept of a date, you both get drunk and the rest is history. /winkwinknudgenudge
  • Ples, because the guy creeps YOU out and you think it can creep the offender out as well. But after the offender scampers off swearing to make all his clocks digital, Ples says you 'owe him one' and now you're really not sure what that entails. -30 Luck
  • Adelaide, because she exudes 'crazy girlfriend' and you're right, she totally does. I'm not even going to help you on this one, bro.
  • Why are you hanging out with these creeps ANYWAYS???

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This person hasn't updated in 9 Years! Stop wishing them a happy birthday. They are gone from this place.
...the happiest of (late) birthdays to you great artist...may the coming year be joyful and prosperous...X3
RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday and wish you health and happiness everyday!
Happy birthday 
shipainProfessional Digital Artist
:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
Jigoku-Rui-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am here to wish you a happy b-day.PartyHave your cake and eat it too:iconamericapartyhardplz::iconfeelingfreeplz::iconlawooplz::iconpresentplz::iconpinklilyplz:
I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.:iconbrightfutureplz:
I really wish i had words to incentive you,but i don't know what to say.Words don't seem to be enough today.But i will try my best,cause i wanna show all my support for you.Here it goes nothing.
Life has its ups and downs but we are the ones who decide if we'll continue to be on the ground or if we are gonna get up and try walking again.Its okay to make mistakes,that's how we learn right?They hurt,i know,but still,we can learn from from the fall.So don't give up,even if everything seems hopeless and there seems to be no way out of the dark,keep looking for the light,i am sure you will find it in the most unusual places.
Doodlz18 Artist
Happy Birthday! :cake: :balloon: