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How do you design a Verspiral?
What is important?
What is required?
Well we'll show you how to get your design accepted!

First, anatomy. A Vesp's anatomy is mainly thin and bird-like.
Their mouths DONT show! Their fur/hair covers it.
They have very small, flightless wings.
They only have 3 toes, with decently long claws. Their dew claws are higher than a normal canine.
This tails are pretty thin, not thick. With feathers on the end.
Their feather/fur fluff on their head is NOT their ears, they are just fluff!
They have medium length cheek fur.
Verspiral Species Anatomy Guide by Zodlac

Now onto color.
They're colors are based off most birds and canines.
They usually are brown or gray with pops of color.


Neons are only allowed in moderation.
Black and white are allowed.
But they overall are very naturally colored, so no rainbows!
They also don't have unrealistic markings, they are animals!
Not fairy tale creatures.
They have creatures to hunt, how would they if they stood out too much?
Their color mainly depends on the environment they live in. They can live anywhere, but their colors usually match where they are.
But, tropical colored Vesps do exist, aka vibrant colored Vesps.

Vibrant Vesp's are allowed if you wish, but please have some extra color with it! It doesn't have to be an insane amount,
but add a touch of black on the end of its tail, brown flecks here and there, etc.

Now most people may ask, "But if their colors are only based of birds, can't they have coloring of a scarlet macaw?"
Well yes! But even scarlet macaws have black and white. Plus, these Vesps are rarer and hard to find.
Their eyes can be any color you wish!
Their skin without all the fur and feathers can be anything but mainly is a tint of the color it grows above.
Such as a black furred Vesp would have grey skin.
A white Vesp would have whiteish skin.
So if a Vesp is red, their skin will be a lighter shade of red.

Now onto rarity options.
Currently we have no ref sheets on rarity, but for a brief round up of it all;
Anything can be put on a Special Vesp. Anything at all!
Their colors can also be neon!
They can have tentacles, slime, glowing eyes, literally anything and everything!
Unless it's a God trait (which is the highest rank, but is only for staff & friends) you can do whatever!

More will be added soon, but please ask if you have any questions, since this is only a quick guide!
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April 11, 2018


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