A Copper

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Published: March 19, 2009
I once knew a cop by the name of Pete
A copper, a copper
His manners were perfect and couldn't be beat
Was proper, was proper
He was a nice guy--
Couldn't hurt a small fly
Without him, the force: incomplete.

This copper was really the nicest I knew
So pleasant, so pleasant
I'd always give Peter the finest I'd brew
A present, a present
He'd say, "Hi!" with a smile,
Make my life worthwhile
We were friends -- Inseparable, us two.

But on one summer morning, while out on his beat,
Discerning, discerning
An average day, aside from the heat
Was burning! Was burning!
He found a drunk driver
A prison survivor
Out on bail, but he'd catch this cheat!

And so he began a high-speed chase
He's speeding! He's speeding!
He pulled the car over and won the race
Succeeding! Succeeding!
But to his surprise,
Before his own eyes,
The man floored it and sped out of the place.

He found the car crashed a mile down the road
On fire! On fire!
The driver was dead: croaked like a toad
A pyre! A pyre!
But under the rubble
There was yet more trouble:
A girl, trapped under the load.

The girl screamed shrilly with obvious pain
And fear! And fear!
Unable to help her, though it was a strain
To hear! To hear!
But what could he do?
It's not like he knew
Can't just wait for the weather to rain.

He couldn't approach her though he wanted to try
The heat! The heat!
A crowd gathered 'round, watched the smoke drift to the sky
Poor Pete! Poor Pete
Stood in front of the mob
But all heard, with a sob
The girl scream that she wanted to die.

He couldn't just kill her: That'd be a crime!
The law, the law
But to let her suffer: Not worth a dime!
A flaw, a flaw
Decisions to make,
Lives to take,
And still the girl screamed all this time.

And so the crowd shouted with no lack of breath,
"Just kill her! Just kill her!"
He stood, indecisive, just like Macbeth
A pillar, a pillar
Didn't know what to do,
And as he thought it through,
She screamed as she burned to her death.

And after what happened in poor Peter's tale
So tragic, so tragic
That cop quit work, disappeared without a trail
Like magic, like magic
Poor Peter's gone
They say he's withdrawn
Some have searched, but to no avail.

But you see the man there who looks like a flop-er?
The drunkie, the drunkie
Who'll drink beer after beer 'till he's out full and proper?
The junkie, the junkie
I knew that man, once
Wasn't always a dunce:
I tell ya, he once was a copper.
© 2009 - 2019 Versilaryan
This one's based off a true story that my Driver's Ed teacher, a former cop, told me. I was inspired to write it in the boredom of my math class.

This one's a deviation from my normal poetic style -- more structured, rhyming, et cetera. It was a pain to write in. @.@
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Been a while since you put anything up.
It really took me a while to figure out what was going on here. Through the whole thing, my mind kept trying to get into a specific rhythm, but something kept throwing me off. Then I picked it up, it's a limrick with a set of additional internal rhymes in each stanza. Some of it seems a bit contrived at times, but on the whole, it's pretty good.
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VersilaryanHobbyist Artist
Yep. The form's basically a modified limerick. But instead of syllable counts, I took a more musical approach to meter and set it to rhythm -- I'd assume that it'd make much more sense if you heard it spoken. (If you were wondering, the meter's a triple pattern like 6/8 or a really fast 3.)

Yes, it has been a while since I've put anything up. I've been too focused on other arts *cough*music*cough* to write anything.
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Ah, a musical genius, eh? Any place online where an interested party could hear samples?
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VersilaryanHobbyist Artist
I've been thinking about recording myself and posting it online, but I never got around to it. Sometime over the summer, I might record some of the concertos and sonatas I've learned. Hopefully, I'll get a hold of a better mic, first. XP

Here's a recording of my school's jazz band playing "Here's That Rainy Day". I play the muted trumpet solo at the beginning. =D
And here's a short song I composed. The words come directly from a poem that a friend of mine wrote. Here's the music for it, if you want to follow along.

Hope you enjoy listening to it. n_n
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Not bad. Not bad at all. Nice easy tune. Almost classical in its approach. Like something out of the Romantic Era.
I think that's the right era, anyway. I'm actually not very knowledgeable about the different musical eras and only understand them in the vaguest sense. It kind of reminds me of Bethoven though, in some ways. Not quite though.
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VersilaryanHobbyist Artist
For some reason that last link didn't work. Hmm.

Beethoven would be late Classical, early Romantic in his later works, yes. =D
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Ah. Actually, I realized Beethoven was the wrong one. Beethoven had a sort of raw emotional quality to his music. Yours is more like the contemplative works of Mozart.
In any case, it's good stuff.
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Awesome. Although, poor connection speed means I'm going to have to wait a while to hear it.
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