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Dreaming of Clouds
Nobody knew why young Johnathan smiled.
He was, for all intents and purposes, an average child. He ate, slept, breathed, talked, just like everybody else. He attended school, did his homework, played with his own circle of friends. He received above-average grades in class, but remained second, third, to other, brighter students — he wasn't extraordinary by any means. But he did everything with at the very least a faint whisper of a grin, walked through life with a wisp of a smile that could almost be blown away by the autumn breeze. Yet, it never did. The winds blew strong, and the smile remained day after day.
It was with this smile that he walked to school, and it was with this smile that he walked out. He smiled in the mornings, mornings where other children groaned and refused to attend with voices that spoke of torment and boredom. He smiled in the evenings, evenings where other children rebelled against their bedtimes. None of his peers understood what he found so pleasant
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A Copper
I once knew a cop by the name of Pete
A copper, a copper
His manners were perfect and couldn't be beat
Was proper, was proper
He was a nice guy--
Couldn't hurt a small fly
Without him, the force: incomplete.
This copper was really the nicest I knew
So pleasant, so pleasant
I'd always give Peter the finest I'd brew
A present, a present
He'd say, "Hi!" with a smile,
Make my life worthwhile
We were friends -- Inseparable, us two.
But on one summer morning, while out on his beat,
Discerning, discerning
An average day, aside from the heat
Was burning! Was burning!
He found a drunk driver
A prison survivor
Out on bail, but he'd catch this cheat!
And so he began a high-speed chase
He's speeding! He's speeding!
He pulled the car over and won the race
Succeeding! Succeeding!
But to his surprise,
Before his own eyes,
The man floored it and sped out of the place.
He found the car crashed a mile down the road
On fire! On fire!
The driver was dead: croaked like a toad
A pyre! A pyre!
But under the
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Here's That Rainy Day Again
All is dulled
in shades of blue
grey, and black
Slight lines
Very slight lines
fall, wetting the sidewalk.
Dew gathers again on garden leaves
Dew, like in the morning
when the very tips of the sun's fingers
gently touch upon them.
The leaves turn a deeper green
A livelier green
while the rest of the world runs,
hides from the rain.
I walk out,
I let the rain wash me away.
Rain pitter-patters again
on the sidewalk,
making small ripples in the puddles.
It runs down my face,
wetting my hair
Dampening my clothes
but I don't care.
Rain, don't leave
Don't come again another day
Keep falling,
Keep washing everything away.
Dancing across the lawn
Feeling the rain on my face
the mud on my toes
and happy
with the simple joy
of being purified
One again, with myself.
Down gutters
Down streets
The rain gathers in pools,
only to be drained away.
I see the sunlight again
peering from between the clouds.
And so I walk inside, towel myself off
And wait for that rainy day a
:iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 1 2
A Flash of Orange
The air was deathly still. Not a bird dared to chirp, not a fox dared to venture forth from its den. No squirrels scampered among the trees; even the rustle of leaves remained absent in the windless atmosphere. Mosquitoes buzzed and crickets provided a steady drone—steady, present, but unchanging.
Leaves rustled. A pair of white-furred ears perked up, swiveling around to sense the cause of the disturbance. But the air became deathly still again. A pink nosed sniffed the air tentatively. It twitched, cautiously testing the atmosphere. But the air was deathly still again.
The crickets ceased chirping. It glanced around fearfully, its eyes scouting frantically for a sign of danger. The air remained calm—too calm, like the eye of a hurricane. The air remained oppressive. It pressed down on those that stood on the forest floor. It weighed down on what stood on the forest floor. It was like a graveyard. It waited for another occupant.
Its eyes widened. The moment of realization str
:iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 4
Night Music
Crickets chirp,
mosquitoes buzz,
bullfrogs croak in the distance.
Footsteps sound--
The crunch of grass
The rustle of leaves.
I stride over the shaded green,
gliding across the meadow.
Shadows conceal my face
from the full moon,
but I have nothing to hide.
I come,
my soul laid bare
under the night sky,
beneath the stars' unbiased judgment.
I raise my arm and beckon
The crickets cease their cacophony.
And when I lower it
their sound begins anew.
I let the night music flow around me
Let my nocturne drift up to the sky.
I direct my song upwards, set it free,
Hold it up so it can fly.
Violins and cellos
sound through the night breeze,
a steady, chirping ostinato.
Beautiful, ornate,
exquisite, resplendent
Colors of melody flow and ebb
like the ocean tide.
A percussive buzz cuts through the night
A splash of sunlight
on the moonwashed leaves.
A flare of sound
Bold fanfares thunder--
The wind ruffles my hair
and the moon illuminates my eyes.
They shine hazel
with the spark of li
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The Man who Wore All Black
There was a man who wore all black.
He wore black pants, a black shirt
Black socks, shoes, and a hat.
He dyed his hair black
And his eyes were cloaked in shadow.
But his face was pale--
Gaunt, bony, and white.
The man went on an afternoon stroll
He walked through the local park.
He wore all his blacks
And paid no attention to the daylight.
But the daylight paid attention to him.
He walked in broad daylight,
The vampyric heat leeching his strength
He stumbled
He continued onwards without a thought.
The man took of his black hat
And wiped his brow with a black sleeve.
The wind ceased blowing
And the sun gazed on with its relentless eye.
Each step was labored
Every breath a burden
Thoughts flurried
And crimson stained his pale skin.
The man trudged through the afternoon,
Hellhounds nipping his ankles.
He stumbled
He fell
He died and was made anew--
The dreaded heat had not touched his soul.
There was a man who wore all black--
There was such a man no longer.
For the man, having learned hi
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Mature content
Euphoria :iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 0
Shattered Memories
"Hey! My name's Alex. Alex Young. Nice to meet you! So, we'll be rooming together? Great! I'm sure we'll have an awesome time together.
"What are you majoring in? Hah, I always hated English class. I could never understand why everything connected back to some theme or central message or something. Sucked at writing essays, too. Well, lucky you, then. I'm here for chemistry. Science was pretty much the only thing I was good at, so that's what I'm here for. Math, too, I guess.
"So, Benji, you want to do something tonight? Got some board games, if you feel like inviting a bunch of people over. Risk, if you've ever heard of it. Really fun game, especially when you've got a lot of people playing. You should've heard some of the crazier things that happened because of that game. One night, one of my friends tried to choke another guy. Had a really bad day, I guess. In the end, it was all laughs, so it was okay. All's well that ends well, right?"
"So, do you want to go to the ice cream place
:iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 2
A blinding white light
I cannot see
The light blinds me
But I cannot see the light.
I see white.
Then I see shades of gray.
I am tantalized
And keep going
Keep following the white light
The bright light
The blinding light.
Colors appear around me
Motes, wisps,
Flowers in bloom.
White, yellow, orange, green
I see more as the white light recedes
Red, brown, violet, blue
The colors become clearer
I push onwards.
I see the light grow bigger
I walk onwards towards the rising sun
Closer, closer.
I see the shadows grow bigger
I walk onwards towards the setting sun
Further, further.
I am better
But I am worse
The further I go
The further I have to go.
The closer I get
The further away the light becomes.
Two miles, twenty gone
Four miles, forty left
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
The future is now
The future is out of reach.
I look back.
I see others.
Others who don't follow the light
Others who deviate from the path
Others who follow not even their own path.
:iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 1
Prince of Thieves - Chapter 6
Crickets chirped into the sunset as mosquitoes buzzed idly amongst the trees. Hidden, a lone bullfrog croaked and a distant wolf pack howled its nightly aria. The light swish of fabric on fabric contributed to the cacophony of sound as a lone man walked down the travel-worn road. The nightly symphony played onwards towards the oncoming dark, providing orchestration for this lone, unsettling man.
The man padded forwards, his shoes providing soft, percussive footfalls for the backing music. He wore his usual black clothing but with the hood kept down. He had no plans for meeting anybody on this road. Nobody in their right mind traveled the roads this late. His curved blade caught the remains of the sunlight and shone brilliantly as he swung it experimentally. With a thought, he sheathed it. There was no need for it and no need to keep waving it around.
With a second thought, he drew it again. Then again, there might be.
As if on cue, his elongating ears perked up. There was commot
:iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 0
Raining Blood - Cover by Versilaryan Raining Blood - Cover :iconversilaryan:Versilaryan 0 0

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Hey! So it's been a while. A lot of things have changed. And while I don't want to erase everything that's happened, there's a ton of baggage on this account, and most of the stuff here is embarrassingly bad.

So I made a new account! If you want to stay in touch, message me there!…
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