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December 26, 2007
Absolutely gorgeous palette, deep bold colours and beautiful strong strokes, The Golden Lake by ~Versatis really catches your eye and holds you still. Please take the time to check out this impressive gallery.
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The Golden Lake

The original oil painting which was used as a base for Villa Aurea. Well, the picture cannot do justice to all the nuances of an antique gold paint used, which in real makes it look different depending on the angle; but now (Oct. 18th, 2014 update) at least it's got properly photographed thank you, Malgorzata-Skibinska!
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1024x717px 399.27 KB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
50 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 18, 2014, 2:50:45 PM
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KaiMoody's avatar
Thats really nice, the colours are so good
Versatis's avatar
Thank you, Kai!
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This is really pretty too, I'd love to see the gold in person. And Villa is an even more dramatic version. 
My point about DDs is how random they are, a piece needs to be at the right time and place and suggested by the right person. 
This is my random DD which is totally nonrepresentative of most of my gallery :]  A Dadaist Stance On Transgender Politics 
So anyway, well-deserved congrats on your DDs!
Versatis's avatar
Thanks! Now I see - I've seen the cases of surprising selection, but indeed, yours is a sharp example - against the consistent style of your paintings and drawings. :)
Vainamoinenian's avatar
Dear Versatis, can I ask you if it is possible to buy this wonderful painting as a print? I really love the colours you have used and the mood this picture brings with it :)
Versatis's avatar
Dear Telman, I'm happy to hear you like it! Alas, I no longer have the original with me, so as of now I cannot offer a print of it, but my Friend, Malgorzata-Skibinska, who is in the posession of the painting, is a superb photographer, so maybe I will convince her to make a decent picture of it; and as soon as it happens, I will make it available in the shop. I cannot tell when exactly, but you will be the first to know. :)
Vainamoinenian's avatar
Dear Jakub, Thanks a lot for doing that :) I am very grateful for that and I will also be the first to buy it :D haha
Versatis's avatar
I've just updated the picture and added it to the store - it's now available as a photo print and a postcard. If I ever get any larger picture of it, I'll enable the full-sized one and the fine art prints too. :)
Vainamoinenian's avatar
Just ordered it ;) too bad it's not huge though :D if I had the money and opportunity I would actually buy the original haha :D Thanks a lot for doing this for me! I really appreciate it :) I will keep an eye out for your future works :) 
Versatis's avatar
Thank you for motivation - I would love to go back to oil painting again. :)
Vainamoinenian's avatar
Always happy! :) Just know your work will be soothing and calming me during my long-long master studies in Frankfurt :D I realised how much I need good art around me, to get in tune with myself! Your picture was one of the first deviations I checked to see if I can order it haha :D anyway, good luck with your work! I'm sure you'll still create lots of great stuff :) 
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To be honest, I've been out of the active creativity for some time, stuck in a kind of introspective or conceptual phase - it's a long story full of hectic and hard times, but now I come back here more often in search of some inspiration to revive my past attitude. For example, yesterday I rediscovered a bunch of my first favourites from 2006 and there's still so much magic present when I look at these pictures; I can almost sense that feeling again, as if entering the gallery of wonders for the first time. Then you're so right about art having the power to harmonize our thinking and attitude in time of need, and I'm happy to hear that you found The Golden Lake a part of such experience too. :) Good luck on your studies and on the search for precious good vibes around; and I hope not to disappoint. ;P
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Vainamoinenian's avatar
Thank you so much! :) I'll go check it out right away! :D
Gas-Mask-Wubs's avatar
<font><font>You are truly an amazing artist!  </font></font>
<font><font>You inspire me to practice my painting skills and to grow as an artist. </font><font>Keep up the good work <3 </font></font>
Versatis's avatar
Thank you! :bow: It's nice to hear it - and I wish you all the best on your artistic journeys.
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LILY-m's avatar
wow! amazing work!
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beautiful work!
Is the original up for sale? I absolutely love this painting and would love to have the real thing on my wall.
Versatis's avatar
Thank you. Alas, I no longer have the original piece. But I'd love to show the painting to everyone watching it at deviantart - it's so much better in real.
myDeviArt's avatar
please add the download option, I want this fantastic pice of art as my wallpaper :D
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Thank you! I don't have a bigger picture of this at hand at the moment, but I'll let you know, as soon as I find it. :)
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