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It started with the smile
we spoke for a while
walked the mile
You work as I do
too good to be true
I found myself investing in you
When the project was through
you declared it a wrap
time to lay back
like a fool I took a nap
When I woke I realized the trap
The work was hardly real
My willingness was a steal
Stolen was my wealth
and with it my everyday meal
Our engagement surreal
Your ambition conducted in stealth
took for me the coming of dawn
to realize how everything was gone
Overwhelmed with shame
couldn't even remember your name
I panicked and clutched my chest
felt my heart come to a stop
and thought it was time to come to a rest
But then I awoke with a hop
cold sweat down my face in a stream
grateful that it was all just a dream
I went out to start my day
it all came together to my dismay
that I was indeed broke
that my life was a joke
Then you came to me when I was down
though you have visited everyone in town
you had to whisper your introduction
"You can call me Dunya, or Worl
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The Struggle with Sense
If a siren summons me,
Whether I hesitate and stay
Or am swift to stray
The sea will swallow me anyway.
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True Love
You pursue love in many,
Though your love for me is plenty.
Presumably our love's as true as any.
The love you see
is nothing really.
True love's from He
Who loves freely,
As far as people go
The best have come and gone.
So when you pursue,
or consider me,
Recall their glow
And love He
Who gave us dawn.
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I deceive myself when
I would like to rest.
My thoughts are whet
and my heart
too high in the sky.
Yet if you told me
my heart is on the floor
and my thoughts just in my head
I would be convinced
for you
would not have told
a single lie.
The cruelty of irony here
is that you would not speak to me,
out of fear
of rendering me awake.
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Dead Man Talking
Do not listen to me because
I've had something pretty to say.
Know that I've said it in a pretty way
so that it may pierce and penetrate.
And for those who might hesitate
may it gradually permeate.
Do not pursue one prosperous in preaching
yet refusing, reluctant in reaching.
But if you know something we've said as true
then we've given something good unto you.
For every truth-teller
who is not a truth-dweller
a thought inked
is a thought dried.
So when you listen
listen comfortably,
for you're hearing a part of us
that's long since died.
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On Grudges
The fruit of journey
is steadfast in freshness
yet ripens slowly.
Do not hasten to don
the friction of travel.
The sole of the foot
grows callus and blistered.
Do not fasten grudges to your heart
lest they set youth and livelihood apart.
With age comes damage
not in vulnerability
but in inability
to heal.
And from all that's sincere,
love makes one young indeed.
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On C, R, O, W
If a flower blossoms
only once in its lifetime
does it do so
so that it may be seen?
Is it not beautiful
by any other means?
Its beauty
can be neither harmed nor summed
by neither civil duty nor rhyme.
If it may have its moment
not even a prolonged season of doom
can cast aside
its insurmountable state of bloom.
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On Love
We are taught that love
is in the game of dames.
But love is in the
heat of the flame.
Imagination has its walls,
beneath which our concept of love
rises and falls.
Nurture nutrition through pans and pots,
heating them up through starts and stops.
We let fires run wild
or contained and controlled.
We're in a sorry state
in which we must be told
the true nature of love
so that our life may unfold.
Humanity is the flame
and love is its heat.
When desires are tiled
and air is sealed in
low is your love
and weak is your light.
Make liberty tame--
by seeing through the taunts
of obtuse humanly wants--
and you will burn bright
And brighter yet.
Not even entropy
will have your love beat.
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On Pride
The only thing that has been done,
of being born of one and one,
is change my mother tongue.
Those subscribing to homosexuality
have chosen their liberty
of abandoning--when union is woven--
a love that sets us free.
In being affiliated,
out of blood, social unrest
or in the pursuit of interest,
go against the wind of pride.
It creates a chasm between eyes,
pitching lie against lie.
In being human we are born with
the inalienable right
to orgasms, big bags of money,
or as they say,
pursue [but not achieve] happiness.
It is the alien choice
of putting down your pride
that is a step
towards living side-by-side.
I am Bangali, I am Muslim,
I am male, I am single,
I am short, I am loud,
I am loved as a member of a family
as I am an unreliable employee.
None of these things
make you any less than me,
for I choose not to be proud,
as I choose not take pride in just being,
as I choose truth before love,
because in listening to the ability
to decide against many things
that come naturally
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I can see it. The thing that exists behind your person. The thing that sheds no tears despite crying as it struggles to keep you afoot. And it wasn't by any measure of contact with your eyes that its message, its journey, communicated to me. It was your hair. Its density, quantity... the way it travels in the air--your air. With more wrinkles than the aging skin around it it spoke of regret.
It said that at one time you--yes you--were almost beautiful. You were almost beautiful. Not for him, not for yourself, not for anything. You just were. Did life stop then? Were the three children so regrettable a thing? Regardless, here you are now, being hoaxed across the earth. The train may move you so but that thing does not exist in space--it exists in time.
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Pedofile in Denial
The man of your dreams
shrouded in mystery--
not afraid to hold hands
and yet afraid of intimacy.
Truth be told
it's just because
are too old.
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The Speaking Stop Sign by versatil The Speaking Stop Sign :iconversatil:versatil 0 0 The perfectly misplaced flower by versatil The perfectly misplaced flower :iconversatil:versatil 0 2 Temporary replacement by versatil Temporary replacement :iconversatil:versatil 0 1
a Sigh, a Cry
Did you know that sometimes when I sigh I say "sigh" out loud? Unlike saying lol, brb, afk or such abbr's outloud, people aren't disturbed by "sigh" amidst an actual sigh. I find that disturbing.
Well, onto the point. I felt like writing "I Regret" except a totally different one and therefore it'd be titled "I Regret, Again?"... or something like that. Why? Why not? That's how I felt after spending a lot of time surfing dA and especially after the Feature Me! winners were announced. (Don't worry, I didn't submit anything so I'm not sore about that.) There's so many extremely talented people my age and younger. Anything that they create that is awe-inspiring works against my being, belittling me bit by little bit. I'm constantly working to become a better person so it's not the case of envy (not at all). Rather I keep finding that I truly, truly do regret not having made better use of myself throughout all of my youth. What the hell have I done with my time? Granted, all of it contribut
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versa's 1st deviantID, omg? by versatil versa's 1st deviantID, omg? :iconversatil:versatil 1 15


Have I returneded?

Wed Jun 1, 2005, 5:49 PM
Returning to deviantART

On my way home from work today, I did something I never do.... I started drawing.... I had all these ideas in my head and realized that without the practice I really can't draw for shit. Once I get home I take out my Drawing and Anatomy book along with my pencil kit, eraser, and sketch book...... then head on over to dA only to have my pre-surfing period interrupted by a free 1-week subscription trial.

Busy checking out the nifty features, increased surfing speed, etc. I take this as a sign for me to start actively drawing n stuff again. When the trial ends it will have been two years since I joined dA. Similarly, about two years after I started blogging on Xanga I finally took control over my design, markup, writing, and structure of thought. I get this feeling if I leave out dA now, then I'll be missing out on something incredible......

How the hell has everyone been!? =o
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Abed Islam
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