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Stymphalian Bird

En la mitologia griega, los pajaros

In greek mythology, were man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims and a poisonous dung, than lives in the lake Stymphalia, they were expelled latter by Heracles as part of his tasks.

En la mitologia griega, los pajaros de Estinfalo eran un grupo de aves que habitaba el lago del mismo nombre, eran comedores de hombres, tenian pico, garras y plumas de bronce, las cuales podian lanzar a sus victimas como flechas, aparte su excremento era toxico, fueron expulsadas por Heracles del lago, como parte de sus 12 trabajos.
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This Stymphalian bird depiction was the inspiration for the design of one of many Dragon characters of a fantasy series I've been working on.
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Look what I made!
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awesome, you must be very well known with several cultures mythology, i can see that from what you know about the creatures you draw
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I've heard poisonous blood, but maybe that version was made up to make it more polite... To be fair I'm pretty sure I've heard other alternatives, guess they're of ambiguous form.

Either way, he looks gorgeous!
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well the myths have many versions, sometimes
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Ah yes, someone that actually knows the badass stymphalian birds
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History lesson,cool. :D
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Wow. That is freaky cool. :) I loves it.
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This is really cool looking!
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I love the detail you put in this. Amazing work!

Interesting bird, never heard of it before. Very cool.
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