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Atreides Hawk

Simbolo de la casa Atreides

Symbol of the Atreides House
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Wonderful - just how to imagine it.

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long life house of atreides
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May I use this for a personal, non commericial tshirt design?
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hi verreaux,

i love the hawk a lot and would like to use it in real world for a seal ring and family crest. i it permitted to use your artwork in this private, non commercial, context?

best regards.
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sure u can use it
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Hail, Muad'dib!
ManiacoCualquierCosa's avatar
Esta genial : 3

El otro emblema (el azul) es mas popular y no tiene mucho que ver con las descripciones, una lastima!
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lo se es una pena
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One of the better renditions I've seen! :)
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thanks a lot hehehe
I just joined for the sole purpose of thanking you for this. I'm doing my blog in Atreides colors and this is exactly what I need for a finishing touch.

Magnificent work--kull wahad!
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thanks a lot hehehe
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i love it! would you mind if i used it for a tattoo? :D
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Just what I was looking for.
I'll use that for (personal, absolutely non-commercial, even non-public) project.
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Very accurate( you chosen their colors - black and green - and als didn´t forgot about the red color for the crest hawk )
I am sorry to mention something, perhaps you will think it is annoying and not important. But in heraldry, a "crest" is ONLY a plume decoration on a helmet and NOTHING else. Strictly, the hawk is a "device." But today, the people use either. But ... EEEK, EEEK, NO, NOOOOO!!! ... that is just not right. Sorry, very sorry to mention such an annoying thing.
MarcosBnPinto's avatar
Not at all!

I didn´t knew the difference until now!

Thank you vary much for the explanation; as another fan of Frank Herbert´s work, I thank you so^^
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Me preguntaba como seria pero no habia podido imaginarmelo del todo :doh:
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Awesome. Love the detail.
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