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Snape Reading - Worst memory

Severus Snape in OOTP

Snapeʹs Worst Memory

"... Snape had settled himself on the grass in the dense shadow of a clump of bushes. He was as deeply immersed in the OWL paper as ever.."

Books Titles from Lexicon [link]

Advanced Potion-Making by Libatius Borage
Confronting the Faceless

Book brushes from: :iconnyan-nyan:

I love this scene, and I think Snape was not reading...
Done in charcoal and photoshop CS2
Here is the sketch: [link]
Ref- photo from OOTP Alec Hopkins WB
Severus Snape is property of JKR and WB
Edited 19-July-2007

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