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cPro Colors

Made for the 2009 ClassicPro Skinning Contest.
Colorthemes included, 2 beats animations until now.
Hope you like it.
© 2009 - 2021 Veroka
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Wow me gusta el contraste del azul con el blanco, le da un toque de tranquilidad. Justo lo que necesito ahora!

Como siempre, gracias por compartir tus diseños con los demás! Que vaya bien ;)!
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Me alegro que te haya gustado. Probaste los otros colorthemes?
bonavida's avatar
Sí, son realmente asombrosos también!
billydeviant's avatar
una piel hermosa, el color le da un toque de ligereza
Veroka's avatar
Gracias! Qué bueno que te guste. ;)
rkilljoy's avatar
Not bad, how much of your life did you put in to this lol. Very well put together. I've done one skin for winamp last year found out it takes alot of time. Keep them coming!:dance:
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Thank you, glad you like it. In fact I made it in a hurry, for the contest. Nowadays I'm out of ideas, hope they come back soon. ;)
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It shows (the you made it in a hurry part). Yeah, about the ideas coming back part, good luck. I have the same problem.
Very nice.Thanks!
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