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Two deviants :iconrachellebear: and :iconjellydiangelo: are hosting an art week devoted to Vermonia! Where they draw something Vermonia related everyday for a week pretty much. If any of ya guys are interested in joining, even if for a day or two, it would be much appreciated!

check out the journal here!:
it starts up on the 23rd and goes to the 29th!

Thanks alot guys! Hope people have been enjoying the last book!
For those who are subscribed to Vermonia's Facebook or Twitter, you are entitled to order Book 8 earlier than the general public.

Shipping of Book 8 will begin for those who order on Jan 15th while the official release date is March 1st.
Subscribers who order also get an exclusive letter from Saki, the creator of the series.

Are any of you taking up this offer?
I will be, and getting Book 7 while the offer is there. But the cost of two books is cheaper than the shipping I have to pay to get it from the US to NZ D: These are the most expensive manga I have ever paid for, but I think it's worth it. c:

You can find the facebook post here:…

- BrittanyTheAwesome

It is coming closer and cloooooser.
And I am so not ready, how about you guys? : O

The Vermonia crew is sure to post more sneak peaks, so we shall stay in touch for this upcoming finale of this beloved series.
Hey guys! Hope all of you lovelies are doing well! We give a warm welcome to the new members of the group, it's always a pleasure to meet more Vermonia fans<33

The Vermonia crew on Facebook has been featuring some of the beautiful artwork on this site! Including some of these:

Boros by Toeiya
Lord Boros - Vermonia by nightfuryscars


Congrats!^^ Keep up the good work<33 I don't know about you but I looove seeing some fanart.

Also, the Vermonia crew has been posting some amazing offical art and tid-bits as well so check them out when you have time!

To those in the states, have a great Thanksgiving week<33
I don't know if anyone has seen this, but in 2011 bfkbooks interviewed Saki from YoYo and she gave a little bit of insight to what they do!

Find it here if interested! 2011 interview

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