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The Fate of Three Worlds
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Coming though, going add this to the list of i want to do.
I really love this Manga . It's the best one I've read yet.
Vermonia was the first official* manga series that I read, and it is one of the most underrated manga series ever. I'm glad Deviantart has this group.:) (Smile) 

*(when I say official, I mean in traditional right to left format)
That is so cool! It was mine as well<3 
:iconthemetallicwing: created it which I am very glad, honestly Vermonia needs all the love it can get! 
Yes, it does. Fist Pump Fist Pump Emoticon 

Speaking of which, I know a few underrated book series that deserve more attention(this is just a few I can think of).
  • "Children of the Sea" by Daisuke Igarashi(or anything by him, period.)
  • "The Elsewhere Chronicles" by Nykko & Bannister
  • "Amelia Rules!" by Jimmy Gownley 
omg when is the book return of the queen published in singapore
Sorry I didn't see your comment until now ^^;

The book public release is March 1st so my guess it is around that time. If not, soon after.
It will be internationally available digitally on March 1st though i'm sure :)