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It Ain't Easy Being a Breezie

For the English speakers Mr.:iconwaffle911: translated the image and the description below (with some extra bits added for English clarity):

Taek: "…and as I was passing by, she transformed her friends, and now I'm like this! Open up and let me in already, I've nearly been crushed by an acorn and eaten by a cat! What's the matter, Froz? Have I got something odd on my face?"
Frozen Rose: That's the second biggest fly I've ever seen in my life! And how squeaky! (I couldn't figure out a better translation for that last bit)

Taek has accidentally been turned into a Breezie! In reality, she was spying on Twi and the girls when the magic transforming them into Breezies also affected her as she was going by, or so I hear. Now she knows it's not easy being a Breezie!

Frozen Rose is surprised because she just met a squeaky fly that looks just like Taek! But she doesn't want to let her in because she's afraid of insects… Looks like it's just another one of those days…

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Thanks a lot Mr. Waffle :icondesueyesplz:

¡Taek se ha convertido en un Breezie por accidente! En realidad estaba espiando a Twi y a las chicas y la magia con que fueron transformadas en Breezies le afecto por andar de chismosa. ¡Ahora sabe que no es cosa fácil ser un Breezie!

¡Frozen está sorprendida porque acaba de conocer a una mosca chillona que se parece a Taek!, pero no quiere dejarla entrar porque le da miedo… Hay días así…

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It Ain't Easy Being a Breezie by Taekwon-prices
Froz Viendo una mosca by Taekwon-pricesTaek Breezie Front by Taekwon-pricesTaek Breezie Back by Taekwon-prices
Frozen Rose es propiedad de :iconaerisneko:
Fondo, cortesia de: :iconboneswolbach:
MLP: FIM es propiedad de Hasbro y fue adaptado a la TV por Laurent Faust.
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