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Linux bootsplash

Created because of bl1nks request: [link]
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would you mind revealing how you've given the image that inlaid look? It there a special tool with gimp or do you just trace the first image with a darker brush on one side?

I'd really like to make an Android boot splash with this :)
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You need two layers, first, create image whole image with lighter color and cut from it (to transparency) the shape/logo You need.

Second, create whole image with darker color (that would be color of the logo), then paste the first one onto this darker one and add shadow filter on it, that is generally ;)
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Yours is better than mine. I'll remove it.
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That was not my intention (to force you to remove yours), I just thought that You havent seen mine ;)

I have nothing against your version, you created it by your own and its your work, besides You mentioned the source of the idea, IMHO keep you version.
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You are welcome :)
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Fantastic vermaden! :D Skinwalker here. sent you an email yesterday!
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Thanks mate, check you box for reply ;)
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