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(P2U) Base Female 1

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Sketches 15-16

studies by Kate-FoX

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LearnManga The Male Neck

Head angles

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Studies by moni158

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I imagine with music Stamp


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[CLOSED] Adopt

Stuff by SnaiLords

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Mysteryskulls Mermay Lewis

Mystery Skulls Fan Art

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Hellbent on finding the truth

Arthur lay in the dark, heart pounding in utter shock over what just happened. The strange skeleton ghost from a while ago, who seemed to have a personal vendetta against him, just threw him off a cliff. Where the cliff came from was obviously an illusion considering Arthur landed on the hard floor of the monster truck he chased them in. But what REALLY got Arthur, was how just before dropping him, was how the ghost looked exactly like Lewis. How? Why? Why Lewis? And how did that ghost know what he even looked like. He just couldn't wrap his brain around it. The pain in his shoulder wasn't helping. Something about that ghost shorted it out,

Mystery skulls fan Stories

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Stuff by Vlee

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Tokyo Ghoul

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Ethnicities Tutorial

Ethnicity drawing guides

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Elven Ranger Preview 02


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Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai)

AFA character inspiration

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ppldragon faves

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Dream Daddy

Tak's stuff

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SU OC: Purple Mohave Turquoise

Steven Universe gemsonas

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I'm Looking Forward Now

Steven U.

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Hand Stand

Gamepal and Omegals

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New Folder Organization and Character Interviews

The folders are finally organized to be less crowded and more simplified.  Now all refs will go in the Reference Sheet Folder, and challenges will be submitted to their location. If there are any questions based on the new layout please ask! Also I'd like to point a certain unused area of interaction in Hetherev, the character interviews!  This is a great way to interact and construct ideas if you are stumped on what to do next in Hetherev. To enter, submit to us a picture of your character willing to answer questions and in then others can reply with questions their Hetherevians would ask. I've put together some previous examples


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[*] Ranks and Occupations

Occupations ~decoleft-plz ( These are the occupations you may use for your character. The occupations are divided into three classes, High, Middle, and Low- and the Class the occupation is in determines how well off your character is in the world of Grimmstone. High class citizens are the wealthiest in the village, The Middle Class, though not rich- aren't exactly poor either, and the low class is considered the poorest class. This list is just a general occupation list. If you feel like something should be added to it or want y

Grimmstone Village

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So You Want to Join an RP Group

So You Want to Join an RP Group A Guide to Creating and Playing Original Group RP Characters Disclaimer: People have different styles of roleplaying. This centers around the style that I and my friends use. When reading instructional manuals for creative endeavors, always take suggestions with the knowledge that everyone likes different things. Introduction RP groups are a lot of fun. After having exclusively done single one on one roleplays for the last nine or ten years, I only recently discovered the world of the deviantArt RP group. Many -- sometimes even hundreds! -- people gather in one location, all interested in the same base conc

RP tips

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2021 Clip studio personalized brush set.


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(CLOSED) Magic items adopts 25

Rittik Designs

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Caped Baldy

One Punch Man

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Beguiling Snare - Cypherus Grem Auction [CLOSED]

Character design tips

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Wing Tutorial

Art tips

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Stjarnasdottir: Mechanical Gauntlet

Weapons and Accessories

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|Auction| Architect |CLOSED|

Adoptable and Auctions

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[CLOSED] Auction Weapons #110

Closed adopts auctions

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Stuff for Me

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[3 SLOTS] Pixel Chib Commissions

[ $35 / 3500 ] Canvas Size: 100x120 [Comes with a 200x240 version] Includes bounce + blink (if you'd like) Rules & Notes: ► I'll need the payment before I show you your commission! ► Part /Part Paypal is fine!! As long as it totals the price ► Yes, you may use your commissions on your page (w/ credit of course) ► Please have a Full & Clear Reference of your character !! ► Detailed designs might not work best for Small Pixel Art ► I work best with humanoids ► I most likely be won't accepting commissions of characters with complicated designs! ► Also not very good with Muscles/Curv

Journal Stuff

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Commission: TKO


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Akira - Devil man cry baby


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Progress Bar Bunch

DA Tips

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Lesser Emipres - Adopt Set 1 ( CLOSED )

Lesser-Empires Court

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[ CLOSED ] Paragon Temple Adopts II

Paragon's Temple

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Bone buddy


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#259 Sunset Stripes


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Ace Mini Bio

Closed Species

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Flash Of The Blade 02


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Runic Fragment: Rain blessing (set price-CLOSED)

Runic Fragments

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Colorfun Impim Auction (Closed)


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Introduction to SketchBook

Software Introduction Week This article is animated gif heavy. If you have a slow internet connection, some of these gifs may take a moment to load. Also, the article is quite long, so get comfortable! Use it everywhere! Autodesk SketchBook is one of those programs that exist not just for computers (Mac and Windows), but also mobile devices. And not only as a simplified app of the desktop version. No. The whole thing. And while until recently you had to pay for the “Pro” version of it, which offered more features, it is now completely free. Well, except some brush packs you may want to get, but really, that’s besides the p

DA Resources

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(CLOSED) WAI Rebels Batch! $10

Wraith AI- CS

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Francesca and Titus

Astrians CS

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Gemmadite CS

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