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repainted ooak frozen queen idun of arendelle. by verirrtesIrrlicht, visual art

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art transforms our lives and makes them brighter. we catch special moments, feelings, expressions and emotions in what we do when we do it with love.

i love all forms of art, especially photography and painting. it is fantastic to make a picture magically appear on a blank canvas! taking photos is one of my hobbies, especially of cats as i think that they are pure elegance.
i also enjoy making ooak dolls, especially their dresses. i love doing princess dresses, haha. as i mostly make them as gifts for people that are very dear to me, so every favorit as well as every comment means a lot to me! thank you all so much =3

i am not associated with disney or mattel. i repaint dolls because i love creating something new and unique; i am having tons of fun doing every single one of them and every one is made with lots of time, effort and love. it's a fun hobby that lets me forget the stress of daily life. (:

this page is not for profit. i am a hobby repainter.

Favourite Movies
Forrest Gump, Disney's Frozen
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Janus, ASP, Schandmaul, Subway to Sally, Within Temptation
Favourite Writers
Dan Brown
i am so thankful for all of you who like my dolls and continue following me!!! i will answer all your comments and messages, i just don't have as much time for that as i'd love to but i am trying to reply to everything as soon as possible! (:
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Was tagged by !AtfexDolls ( :iconclaude-on-the-road: and :iconxXKalassinXx: Rules -- 1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves. 2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people. 4. No tag backs, Please! Five things about yourself: 1) i adore cats. 2) writing is my passion. 3) i enjoy the little moments in life that make you happy - even if it's just a look or a gesture. 4) dancing makes me feel free.
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Do you think that Saks would make a Limited Edition Aurora Doll?

I am leaving you this comment because I see you have been targeted by Pennyproud444. I am writing to let you know they are a troll and not a very good one.

They steal art, lie, steal characters, refuse to make sense, they never go away and they can not be reasoned with.  They've been pestering me, they've stolen from and harassed my friends and I'm just giving you a heads up!
Your art is very interesting. I can see the dedication and care. You even die or re-touch their skin somehow, right?
Incredibly interesting. Very intriguing techniques
I love every artwork of yours! <3
Hi hun, I'm a huge fan of your dolls. they're lovely <3 

What kind of paint and brush to you use? I'm a beginner when it comes to painting dolls.
Snow White is one of the most eponymous Disney Princesses and dolls ever to be heard and shown. So as a commission (whenever you take it by chance or not), I wonder what Snow White would look like in a winter comfort casual, especially as a doll.
Winter Princess - Snow White by selinmarsou
This image belongs to selinmarsou.
lapin de fleur and me are working on another snow white. x3