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trivia: "girls fight too" is a company that rania founded to help support girls and young women getting into combat sports. they produce high quality wrestling gear for girls of all ages (for example jacylin's leotard is made by them) and they also sponser basically all all-female or intergender combat sport clubs as well as their tournaments and events. they also sponser individual female talents, a famous example being ava who made it all the way to the space wheel

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My Bio
I'm a Steampunk, a HUGE Rocky Horror fan, was one of the first people to have cartoon dolls and tutorials on their websites, and I'm just a little bit eccentric.

I am married to a wonderful man named Zero, and have a little terror of a dog named Geronimo. Subsequently when we're watching the 11th Doctor, and he shouts "GERONIMOOO!" our dog turns his head :)

Concerning my pixels and dolls:
If you didn't know this now, here you go: my dolls and pixels are free for the taking. Feel free to edit, use bases, take parts, and/or otherwise frankendoll to your liking -- and post them up on your website or dA account. Credit would be super awesome; a link to my dA account here, or my website at would be great . However, a credit and/or link is not required.

Why don't you ask for credit or a link back?
Because I've been pixelling since at least 1997 and have had my dolls up on my website since 1998! I found out a long time ago if someone wants to use your work, no matter how hard you protect it, it will get stolen. The best way to not get it stolen is to not put it online, and where is the fun in that? So, to that end I've come to realize that if someone wants my stuff that much, it means they like it, yeah? May as well make it free for the taking and be happy my stuff is so liked, even if it isn't the best.

Have fun!

Favourite Visual Artist
Mark Chagall
Favourite Movies
Moulin Rouge
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Lost, Lexx
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dr. Steel, Green Day
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Steampunk, Rocky Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Books, Old Books, Really Old Books, Old Architecture

Still alive...

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Haven't dolled or anything like that, but I have been getting into making cosplays. I won 1st place at a local comic con with my Immortan Joe cosplay. Pictures to follow.
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So, I've gotten the bug -- the dolling bug! Now, I haven't made any actual dolls (yet). However, I've been updating my website like crazy -- in only the last day or so. I've already rolled out Wordpress on my main website ( ) and there may still be a few kinks to work out. But I'm very excited! It will be more a blog about OTHER people's doll websites (or deviantart or elfwood profiles, etc). I'm going to highlight other's awesome websites, along with older but awesome websites that are no longer updated, forums, etc. So please, check it out and let me know what you think!
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Well, not that I'm doing a LOT on my cast's Rocky Horror site & Facebook, but that really did overtake my online time when I was first made the "promotions director" for our cast. It's pretty toned down now; I actually think we need to focus more of our energy in keeping our current audience members (especially the virgins or those that never saw the show before -- we get a LOT of those) and having THEM spread the word about the show, as opposed to spending our hard earned money on flyers that may not bring in even 10 people. Ahh, but I digress. I plan to start working more on the tutorial search engine. There's a lot of spam that needs clea
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Thanks for visiting my doll site and DA page, it's great to see that you're still around! Been inspired by you since 2000 when I first began <3

happy birthday !!
Hey...I know it is super late, but thank you very much :D I haven't hopped on DA here in a looong time!
Ah, I just found you! :woohoo:
So, this is where you've been hiding! :giggle:
Well,  I'm glad you found me! I have my original profile back as well ( 'veriria' ) however, I had been using this far too long before I was able to remember my password to my original profile....haha.
I'm glad too! I used to love seeing your dolls, and was sad when I lost you. :D
I'll certainly be looking out for any new dolls by you, your dolls are always so cute. :meow:
I'm currently working on my site; I'm having lots of fun exploring other's doll sites (although I must admit, I'm finding lots of sites that seem to have been abandoned around the 2005 era). I haven't really worked on anything yet. I let my sister borrow my 'other' laptop which I'm just a tiny bit mad about now; it has the male base body I was working on last year lol...
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