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Misconstrue - Image 1



Misconstrue - Part 1

The age of space exploration continues, and Earth’s technology advances. It is the year 3023 and the first human space ship, on a course to find life, has reached a destination. A new milestone for humans, euphoria sweeps the world.
Before contact is made, the exploration fleet malfunctions, explodes and annihilates the fleet right in front of this alien world, which is mistaken as an attack on them. The humans unable to apologize to the aliens about the mistake made, a galactic war begins, and years pass of barbaric killing and battles. Not anticipating the alien’s power of witchcraft, there seems little hope for Earth. Humans flee from the Earth for safety from the unknown and hazardous future. Not a moment too soon, these water dwelling creatures summon forces from the universe to obliterate the Earth in cataclysm, yet only 500 million civilians manage to escape.

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1st image in a four part series, the story continues throughout the 4 images.
Photoshop 7, 3dsmax 4
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One of my favs. Thanks:jarkorig: