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at first I did Lapis but then I felt unstopable and this happened C:

1st row: main gems
2nd row: crystal gems´ new outfits + beach party outfits
3rd row: Lapis (:
4th row: some shapeshifting + Stevonnie + Ruby and Sapphire
5th row: fusions yay
6th row: Lars and Sadie + 80´s gems + MALACHITE u.u + ONIOn
7th row: Rose and Greg and Steven and LION
8th row: smol Peri, Amethyst shapeshifted into Peridot and Lion, Amethyst from that scene when Peri and Pearl built robots, space Pearl and Pearl from 'The Answer'
9th row: diamonds and pearls //yay and Sapphire, Garnet and Ruby from The Answer
10th row: holo Pearl + Connie in cute outfits + Steven and Connie from 'Stevens birthday' + Stevonnie from mindul education
11th row: Jasper!Amethyst and Rubies + Smoky Quartz
12th row: new Amethyst + badass Porl + Its oooover isnt it + Bismuth + Centipeetle

original ministrife pixels was made by Feastings on tumblr
Amazing ministrife bases by :iconsakurablitz: ==> 67 MINISTRIFE BASE SHEET

EDIT: I made more of them ;D

EDIT2: there´s moaaar

EDIT3: pearls and diamonds and garnet 1.0 ;)

ANOTHER EDIT: some ppl asked for it so there´s Lion :3 and some more stuff cos whyyy not

Edit 696969: I addded more, including Bismuth, Centi and roobies ;)
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You Forgot White Diamond, Pink Diamond, Pink Pearl, Sunstone, Rainbow Quartz 2.0., Obsidian, Holy Blue Agate, All Zoo Amethysts, Skinny Jasper, Carnelian, Aquamarine, Topaz, Rhodonite, Rutile Twins, Fluorite, Padparadscha Sapphire, Spinel, Bluebird Azurite, Corrupted Jasper, Cherry Quartz, Crazy Lace Agate, Nephrite, Emerald, Bixbite, Orange Spodumene, Larimar, Snowflake Obsidian, Heaven and Earth Beetles, Ocean Jasper, Blue Lace Agate, Nice Lapis, Mean Lapis, Flint, Chert, Pink Steven and Monster Steven

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aaaaa they're so cute ^o^
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thank you ^u^
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Amazing job
And one question its free to use ??
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yes, free to use
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Hi, I love these, but, I'd like to help out by saying, you might wanna add who created the ministrife sprites in the first place, you know, where they originated from? Aka, Feastings
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I know, it is in the description, thank you (:
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Ah, I did not notice
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Add the famethyst and Holly Blue!! :3
And mystery girl!!
And the new crystal gems!!!
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I would like to add them (: hopefuly I´ll find some time for that soon (:
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Awesome! And also blue diamond's new design :D
And Purple Puma/Puma Cub/Tiger Millionaire
asdfasdf your pixels are just so friggin cute i wanna see them all :'3
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could you upload a separate of Blue Pearl please?
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What grid did you use to make ONE character?
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I was not using grid, just base
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.:Ministrife Pearl:. .:Lapis Free icon:. .:Sapphire -Free Icon-:. .:Ministrife Lapis:. .:Ministrife Steven -free icon-:. .:Ruby -Free Icon-:. .:Smol Peri Free Icon:. .:Peridot free icon:. .:Ministrife Connie -free icon-:. .:Veri:8eOnCactusJuice:. 
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Why didn't you make Homeworld Ruby(crystal gem)'s hair like the other rubies??
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whooops because I wasnt doing them at the same time, may fix it tho...
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Smoky quartz is there, in second row from bottom, next to the rubies
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Oh righ XD thanks
Maybe mystery girl? :3
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