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making monster monsterous agian!
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I just adore mermaid tails with sexy butts beneath their tails like this beautiful example!!! I’d love to see the rest of this beauty...before her unfortunate demise. She’d certainly look exotic with webbing membranes between her fingers, too!!
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This is 9 kinds of badass.
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he looks like a mcfarlane figure :3
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Roadhog skin ftw
Rly awesome man
joebotzer's avatar
This is incredible! Very good fatty muscled anatomy! The Mermaid was a nice touch. He's going to eat the hell out of her.
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
Me Shark Man. You MerMate.
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first link's broken
Odzilla's avatar
eShark raider, the head, the tail, thw whole damn thing
sdutter's avatar
Mermaid booty! haha
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We're going to need a bigger boat?
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holy mother fucker O.o i love you 
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good thing he didnt get the part in sharknado he may have really F***ed someone up
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xDDD this is ingenious !
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
Mermaids is good eatin'
thisu's avatar
Your art is fantastic and very realistic textures xD
doctirderp's avatar
please briefly explain your process. did you use overlay ontop of a black and white sketch or go with paint
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the mermaid has a butt?
Lord-Shanakill's avatar
ha ha, I count like three belts.
Sikkwolf's avatar
Holy shit that is amazing...
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