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Elf Princess

By Verehin
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Some experiments with textures, no refs for head


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So first thoughts are ofcourse about the face, the eye is immediately drawn to it, so composition, so far, is sound, as then the eyes are led around the piece.
Though i feel that the area around her lower neck could be developed further, perhaps some hair or elaboration on the clothing detail.
The skin tones and textures on the face are very well applied, if a little generous around her cheek-bone though, contrasts of light and dark are ample and subtle giving her that aloof elven expression of appraisal and careful scrutiny or observation.
However i must say that the overall feel of the piece is of a cultured and highly refined elven woman, the hair, i feel, is a little too rough, the small, almost dread-locked marks, though very well applied, gives me the impression of a forest dwelling elf, not the kind that's extremely sophisticated...
This, though, is the impression that you want to give, and regardless perhaps an ornament of some kind, or a further refining of hair directly left of her eyebrow, may compensate for this and allow both the sophisticate and the earth-dweller to shine through.
The translucent peacock feather foreground detail is an inspiration, however i'd like to ask if you're considering making them colour or even making them a little more obvious when you come to make any finalisations?
Though usually out of consideration to most, i actually very much like the background too, very painty and again the contrasts are low and complementary to the facial focus.
My only real criticism is in the form of another question; what degree of refining will you be giving this? And to what extent are you willing to define the hair and immediate "focus-frame" of the face and surrounding?
And my final thought on the piece would be about the collar, i would love to see this a little more defined too, but not to some extreme, as i do like it, i wouldn't want to detract in any way from her features...
Though now that i look again, her glance gives the impression of being slightly downwards... would you consider it being a little more towards some distant horizon line? Again though, as afore mentioned i wouldn't want to detract from her already charming, scrutinising look.

All things considered though, this is a bewitching piece, and i hope that you'd consider the points that i have made.
I very much hope this critique is well recieved and i wish you the very best with the prospective work.
My regards.
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Wonderful painting! I like the fact it is in greyscale. The face is beautiful.
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Clazz-X1 Digital Artist
Great portrait. Love the brush work. :D
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pendragonvampProfessional Writer
Absolutely gorgeous! I love the texture and light/shadow in the work. Simplistic yet complex all at once. Well done.
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OmniriumHobbyist Artist
Great, detailed critique below about the technical aspects of the piece, but the most important aspect of what makes this so special ishave you told an amazing story? Have you given this creation the potential of a hundred amazing possibilities? Have you breathed life into her and given her a voice that rings clearly through the din of a myriad of works that may have technical merit but no soul? Absolutely YES on all counts!!! This is brilliant and very moving ... and more amazing that you did this with zero reference! Fantastic! :wow:
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VerehinProfessional Digital Artist
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BezwyrazuHobbyist Digital Artist
I like it so much, great work. Elfs are beautiful :)
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WavingMonsterStudiosProfessional General Artist
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DrimrHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, she's quite beautiful
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AntonellaDAmatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like it!!
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AvengiumHobbyist Writer
The black and white adds epicness!
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AladrielProfessional Photographer
very beautiful :)
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very cool :)
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Whoa! I love her!!! :wow:
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LevanaTempest Digital Artist
Beautyful work!:heart:

It would be my honor to feature your work in:iconhigh-vision:


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хороша чертовка)
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inSOLenseProfessional Digital Artist
в фавы! Вкусно нарисовано!
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prokhodaHobbyist Digital Artist
kruto man
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KanthesisProfessional Digital Artist
Hyper charismatic and nice textures!!
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