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Dark Souls 2 The Old Iron king

My interpretation of how this king may look

Here is a full real time video process +video process with commentary of this and two other works and

Follow me on facebook, sketches, studies and step by steps 

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your version of the iron crown is much better than in game! the in-game version doesn't fit the head very well.. looks a tad bit big too
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talking about a closer look...  this one looks amazing
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Very cool picture! It really fits the Iron King. Cruel and hard, as he was.
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Шикарная работа по королям
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the chromatic abberation with the black and white is tight
daounin's avatar
i love the light
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HMMMMMM.....The Old Iron King is actually Lord Gwyn reincarnated . Nice interpretation though.
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Absolutely epic, in contrast to other opinions his is actually how I'd depict the Old Iron King
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I love your art and the style you draw with, but couldn't you try to make the representations of the kings a little more accurate? The Old Iron King never had fangs or a horrible deformed face. 
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^literally no proof of that...

Awesome job Verehin!
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There's also no proof he didn't have 3 eyes, a second nose or tentacles growing out of his ears. And yes, it is still a good drawing. Amazing in fact, just not really an accurate portrayal of the Old Iron King. 
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I was just playing Dark Souls ".. props to you sir, this is epic :dummy:
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Растешь, хотя куда тебе дальше расти, а ты все растешь! Потолки тараном пробиваешь)
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Корону в 3D лепил?
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Awesome as alwaysWorship 
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