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PLEASE CHECK MY COMMISSION INFO HERE:    New Commission Pricelist [OPEN] by Zuo-Konieczne          

Bullet; Green REFERENCES Bullet; Green
Please have at least one clear VISUAL reference for your character(s).
Colored if the commission involves color.
Or send me written description as detailed as you can.

               Bullet; Green HOW TO ORDER Bullet; Green
When you decided to order, please send me a note with a title “Commission request” with ordering form in message

               Bullet; Green ORDERING FORM Bullet; Green
- Commission type: (portrait/pony)
- References for character: (preferably photos, arts)
- Expression: (happy/sad/angry etc.)
- Background: (transparent, white, simple)
- Comments / details: (optional)

               Bullet; Green PAYMENT Bullet; Green
PayPal ONLY -
Dla Polaków przelew bankowy - przelicznik dolara x3,5 (Komisz = 17,50 zł) :grin: 

               Bullet; Green HOW I WORK Bullet; Green
After you pay, I’ll start to sketch.
I’ll send you a sketch of your commission for revision - you can only make a revision once.
All WIPs will be send as links to my via note so please check your notes from time to time or I won’t finish your commission.

               Bullet; Green WHAT YOU RECEIVE Bullet; Green
After I’m done with your commission, I’ll send you a link to my to download a full resolution of your picture.
You will receive an .png file (1500X1500px), 300dpi

               Bullet; Green TERMS AND CONDITIONS Bullet; Green

        I. General terms:
1. You have carefully read and understood all of the provided information.
2. If you are uncertain about certain portions of the terms and conditions, you asked the appropriate questions to fully understand the conditions.
3. I have the right to accept/decline your proposed commission.
4. The commissioned art is restricted to personal use, and will not be used for profit in any way.
5. If you choose to use or upload the commissioned art, you HAVE TO give me a proper credit.
6. I retain all rights to the commissioned art.
7. I have the right to upload the commissioned piece onto my galleries, and portfolio.
8. Payment will not be sent until the commission is fully accepted by both parties.

        II. Fan Art:

1. Unmarked versions of pure Fan Art commissions, defined as commissions that contain only official characters, will not be released due to high probability of theft.
2. You will still receive a higher resolution version than the one to be uploaded onto my galleries.

        III. Refunds:
1. Full Refunds are available for any commission if the artist has yet to begin working on the commission.
2. For Colored commissions, partial refunds are only available at the sketch stage of the commission. Refunds are no longer available after the sketch stage.

               Bullet; Green FINISHED COMMISSIONS Bullet; Green
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RedPineRanch's avatar
Just checking to see if these are still available, before I just drop off some forms.
DarksongKadah's avatar
If these are still available, I would like to steal a slot (or 2). I will send you note tomorrow if that's okay.
Verdizonee's avatar
Sure, they're still open.
joseyphipps's avatar
I hope you get your slots filled!
RedPineRanch's avatar
If this is still open, could I get two?
BornAngelAuthor's avatar
five dollars for a portrait or five dollars off a portrait?
Verdizonee's avatar
Five for a portrait.
BornAngelAuthor's avatar
Oh! Do you still have slots open?
BornAngelAuthor's avatar
Yay! I’ll send you a note when I get home ☺️
sonicandlilacfan's avatar
i would like a commision and thnx for the badge 
Verdizonee's avatar
sure, just follow my commission order as I wrote in the description and we can go.
Tarnisis's avatar
Hey there! ^^ Is there anyway you could do two characters in one commission? Just side by side busts? 
Verdizonee's avatar
jakeenglish123312's avatar
the moment you can't get any money to commission *screams and dies* 
Verdizonee's avatar
oh noes! but maybe you can get some anytime later?
jakeenglish123312's avatar
If people would commission me and I need to find another job *groans* 
one day 
hope.. all the hope 
do you do humans?
Verdizonee's avatar
All what I do is mentioned here or in the description
I don't see my question being answered thou 

Wanna know do's and donts?? 
Verdizonee's avatar
Neon and tattoos aren't mentioned anywhere, means I don't do them. Only portraits (yes, humans too, I just have an alien and anthro for example picture here), or ponies. I hope that's clear enough now.
so you don't do anything else? 
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