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Nanaki Seto by verdilaksBreeding Nanaki Seto by verdilaksBreeding
red XIII, seto and a brave mogry. chocobo bruiii!
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verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
i heard something about a ff7 remake. but just find walking videos ... hope they dont mess up gold saucer ... it was a super awesome fun place :D
sekkechi Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
father and son ^-^  poor seto though =( we know he's still alive... just petrified. someone use a super soft on him or something, it worked on blank so surely it'd work here. 
you did really good on this, i love the detail ^^ and the lil added moogle xD 
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
hahahah well ye at least they could have give it a try... but sometimes items dont help anymore. like in real life :( thanks for the kind words. will color it soon. mooglepowa!
sekkechi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
true, but they never even frikkin tried, at least in FF9 they tried to find a way to un-petrify their friend. a normal soft likely won't work, but a super soft should =) 
if it cured blank from a curse that petrified an entire forest i'm sure it could fix seto from some petrify poisoned arrows (that is how he got like that, the poison, no curse involved) so...... nanaki find a ding dong super soft and fix your father 

you're very welcome ^-^ yush, mooglepowa!! kupo
verdilaksBreeding Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
hehe ye there is often a super version too ... that could work but no1 tries it. think he would be a good party member. mr. seto, i would invite him. roooarr! kupoo!
sekkechi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i would invite him as well, he'd be awesome =) 
maybe he is revived at the end of FF7 when we see nanaki and his kids, but seto might just be staying behind in cosmo canyon so we don't see him. it never says he could be =3
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March 30, 2017
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