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Third Lieutenant

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Vampire Lieutenant Dumah, again not long before Raziel’s fall.

Headcanon: Dumah has always fallen as third beneath his brothers Raziel and Turel.  While highly competent on his own, and is second only to Turel in size, he has neither Turel’s full strength or Raziel’s complete breadth of cunning.  Were he not in a world where he lives in comparison to them, he could easily be fit to fill either of their roles.  This, naturally, has left quite a chip on his shoulder and influenced strong separatist tendencies (which would later be his downfall).

While the very slightly more relaxed position he has affords him a little more time to his own ends than his two elder brothers, Dumah remains their backup.  Certianly a force in his own right, it is unfortunate that he is mired by living as the third place to them.  Still, as with all of the brothers, he does provide willing support for them, especially as his logistical skills, and to an outside viewer, approachable nature (being neither the force of personality Raziel is or having Turel’s huge stature) may perhaps be the strongest of all his brothers.  Despite his own irritations, he is tightly knit with all of his brothers.

In a real-world scenario Dumah might occupy a rather odd niche amongst his brothers as the ‘straight man’ or perhaps most socially acceptably ‘normal’ of them, despite a unique and bright personality of his own.  He is simply the most straightforward among them.  Polite, effective, and sensible, with a variety of skills and strengths at his disposal it is perhaps likely he would follow a course of law or accountancy, taking a complicated desk job of some form after his Military experience.

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