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Second Lieutenant

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Why, yes, these will be a series, I don’t know if I’ll get to them in their monstrous forms and as Sarafan, but I’d like to.

Vampire Lieutenant Turel, probably not long before Raziel’s fall.

Headcanon (at this period in time): Second eldest after Raziel, Turel is his closest second.  Massively huge even as a mortal, Turel’s stature has only increased as a vampire, and he is easily the largest amongst his siblings.  It is a mistake made only once to think his huge stature diminishes his mind.  Far from a senseless hulking brute, Turel is clever and subdued in thought and behavior.  While he speaks little, and only when necessary, it does nothing to diminish his prowess as a commander.  While he does rely on Raziel’s competency in the greater political scheme of the world, he is a highly competent and capable leader of his own people.  When one cannot go to Kain or Raziel, they will go to Turel.

Perhaps owing to his own physical strength and nearly geologic mindset, Turel demonstrates a high degree of proficiency in smithing and building, a tradition which his people carry on.  His constantly churning mind also produces a rather peculiar sense of humor, one which will wait as long as need be for the right time and place for the perfect set up.  In the real world, it is not difficult to see him utilizing his own physical strength in tandem with his creative strengths working as a contractor or smith (again, of course, after a time in the military).

Close to Raziel and Melchiah, Turel worries Kain, as, while Raziel is unfailingly loyal, Turel would seem to hold his closest loyalties first to his brothers and then his people with Kain only as a third.  (While Kain may see the future in the oracle’s cave, it’s not as though every detail is set in stone).

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