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Fourth Lieutenant

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Vampire Lieutenant Rahab, prior to fully overcoming the vampirc weakness to water, and shortly prior to Raziel’s Fall.

Headcanon:  Perhaps most distinctly the ‘middle’ brother, Rahab has always had a strong streak of independence.  If he needs to find a way, he will find a way, and only at the last ask for help when need be.  An expert in adapting to his environment and foremost in guerilla tactics, Rahab is less skilled in a diverse range of areas as his elder three siblings, but excels where his strengths lie.  Having always had a love of water and all things in it, his transformations do not come surprising, despite their amazing show of adaptation.  In the long run, it is his race that shows the most promise of becoming a functional (perhaps no longer vampric) species in its own right.

Something of a hedonist, Rahab can be seen as self-centered, following his own whims and desires when given any room to do so.  Where he wants, so he shall have.  Both he and Raziel show a bent for the dramatic which causes them to butt heads, despite often agreeing in most matters.  Rahab shows little respect to his eldest brother, who, in turn, can play dismissive of his most adaptable subordinate.  When the two put aside their differences, they are capable of terrifying works.

In a real-world scenario, Rahab would more than likely easily find some way of getting along in a way that caters to his adaptable and self-interested tastes.  Far from fickle, however, he would be shrewdly adapted to managing his own business, whatever the venture may be.
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