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First Lieutenant

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Still thinking about vampires.

Vampire Lieutenant Raziel, you know, before shit hit the fan.

Some headcanons (which may or may not fit with all existing media but bear with me):  Eldest amongst the lieutenants, and Kain’s favorite, his skill, strength, intelligence, and elocution stand out amongst his brothers.  Despite being the physically smallest of their number, he has always been the leader of the six of them and with good reason, repeatedly proven in his leadership and combat skills. 

While intently focused in his command and work, leaving little time of his his own, he has always been a tremendously nosy and inquisitive personality.  Raziel is impossible to keep out something once interested.  Highly invested in history, literature, language, and art, in a real-world scenario it is not hard to imagine him fitting well as a librarian or history teacher (following, of course, a military stint)

Closest to his brothers Turel and Melchiah, Raziel has always had a bit of a clash with Rahab, with whom his personality comes close enough to cause major friction.

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