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Friends, I'm considering leaving DeviantArt.

Since my projects take months to complete, I don't upload but a few times a year. DeviantArt has had a massive problem with Malware getting in through their ads. Every time I come here to check out things, my anti-virus blocks a high-threat risk coming into my computer. The only thing DeviantArt has done is allow you to download a firefox ad on where you can report the ads, but that still doesn't block the attempted attacks. This has been a problem for years. Every time a Core membership sale comes up where I get 6 months, I'll get it, but it comes up rarely and I can't justify the normal membership as, A. It used to be cheaper for Premium, but they doubled the cost and renamed the same thing "Core". I don't use the other features, I *JUST* want ad-free browsing to protect myself, and B. As I said, I don't upload often enough to justify paying $5 a month to use this site.

If DeviantArt really cared about stopping these hackers, they would offer a tiered system where there would be a cheaper price for only ad-free browsing. Maybe I'll come back every once in awhile to throw up a new picture, but for my own safety, I just can't come here anymore until DeviantArt fixes their shit.
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I haven't posted in a long time because I'm bad at taking the time to actually update stuff. I have been pretty busy with my art since I last posted! For one, I finished this thing:

Jadis, Queen of Narnia by Verdaera Jadis, Queen of Narnia by Verdaera

This was obviously a loooooong time coming; 4 years in fact. You can read more about this costume on the deviations. As this is my pride and joy right now, and I not only spent a long time on it, but stepped out of my cloth comfort zone to do props and wig work, I entered it in several contests and will do so one last time at Costume Con next month. I've won a few awards!

Dragon Con 2015 Costume Contest: Best Hair and Make up; Audience Favorite; Social Media Audience Favorite

Archon 2015: Best in Master Class; Audience Favorite

C2E2 Crown Championship of [Costuming]; In the Chicago Division, I won 1st in the TV & Movie Category, and 3rd Place overall in the Chicago division! I was really please that three of the judges were industry professionals, two were costume designers on shows that I watch, and the third is a WETA concept artist! Weta created the White Witch's original costume :)

Also at C2E2, I am proud of myself for picking up a UFO (UnFinished Object) and finishing it. I finally finished my Merida costume. I love it and it is soooo comfortable!

'Historically Accurate' Merida -C2E2 by Verdaera

I'll post more about what I've been up to since I last posted a journal later, but first, a question.  I have been going by the name "Verdaera" since college. I couldn't think of a good internet handle to use, so I've just been using this random Star Wars RP character I created back in the day because it was a unique name, but I am considering changing it. Should I keep my Verdaera handle? Or is it weird and I should move on? I'll tell the name I'm switching to in a PM, I just don't want to post it in case someone decides to take it first ;)


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Hello, Watchers!

I can't believe I haven't updated my journal since last year. After D*C and trying to cram a costume in before Halloween, I got a little burnt out. As it is, at the beginning of the year, updates are a little slow as all my new costumes are in the build phase.

But, I always post a list at the beinning of each year discussing what I would like to make in the coming year, then look back at what I actually ended up accomplishing. Here's what I said I'd do last year:

2012 Costume Resolutions by Verdaera

And here's what I accomplished costume-wise

WIP - White Witch Mail 2 by Verdaera Elanor Gamgee - full shot by Verdaera Before The Reaping by Verdaera Hunting for Squirrels by Verdaera Katniss Everdeen, The Girl On Fire by Verdaera

And one new Jedi costume I don't have nice enough pictures to put on dA. So 1.5 of what was on my list, but I finished the same number of costumes that I had on there! That makes me kind of proud, I usually only finish 1 or 2 the whole year.

Here's my list for 2013:

2013 Costume List by Verdaera

The White Witch Jadis from Narnia (Top, 1st) I started for last year, but determined it was too big a project to finish in time. As I only got around halfway done with the chainmail skirt and I have a ton of props to do with this, unless it was my only project for the year, I can't finish it in time this year either, so it's my Long Term project that I'm going to get myself spend as much time as I need. I would like to get the chainmail done this year and just concentrate on props next year.

Moaning Myrtle, (Top, 2nd) a ghost from Harry Potter was going to be for the last Halloween but I couldn't finish it. I am trying to finish this for a small con in February, and to wear to D*C.

Snow White (Top, 3rd) from the show Once Upon A Time. I fell in love with the outfit and I came across the actual coat fabric, so I just have to do it. For D*C.

Padme (Top, 4th) from Star Wars: Episode II. This one I've been wanting to do for 10 years and finally have the skills to do it. I had planned on making it for D*C, and then the opportunity came up for the 3D re-release of the movie later in September, so I'm determined to do it!

Katniss (Bottom, 1st) from Hunger Games. I found the special eyelashes they used for this costume from the end of the movie, and it looks pretty simple to make, so if I can fit it in my schedule I want to try to make it for D*C.

Early in the year I have a potential opportunity to wear Hunger Games arena outfits, so I am trying to do both Katniss and Clove for this event, not necessarily D*C. (Bottom, 2nd and 3rd)

And lastly, Motee from Star Wars: Episode III. The 3D rerelease of this one is a few weeks after Episode II, so right after D*C I want to try and make this one. It's pretty simple, I've loved it since I saw it at the exhibit, and doing a pregnant Padme costume would just be weird to me.

Ambitious, but I hope I can make a nice dent in that list, we'll see how it goes! Myrtle just needs a robe and a tie at this point so that one should be up within the month!

Oh, and the journal skin? Little sneak peek at my plans for 2014 ;)

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Well, this is different... by Verdaera

It's that time again, and I am once again pulling all-nighters trying to finish for Dragon*Con. All of my costumes are wearable (with minor props I'll do if I have time) save one, which I will be trying to finish in the next few days.

If you are going to Dragon*Con, here is what I'll be wearing and when. If you see me on the con floor, feel free to say hi :)

Thursday Night: Reaping Dress Katniss

Friday Day: Reaping Dress Katniss

Friday Night: Interview Dress Katniss (entering Friday night costume contest)

Saturday: Hunting Katniss

Sunday Day: Hobbit (perhaps since I'm not blonde ATM, Belladonna Took?)

Sunday Night: Interview Dress Katniss

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Finally some progress :)

I've had to re-do my entire Dragon*Con costuming list, and as of today, half of them are now finished. The four costumes I am bringing are as follows:

Hobbit - Done!
Katniss: Reaping - Done! Needs shoes...
Katniss: Hunting - Have pants, boots, bow and shirt, need jacket and quiver
Katniss: Interview - Making samples, fabric on order

I finished my Katniss Reaping dress last night and I'm quite proud of it. Depending on what shoes I can find, it'll be one of my most comfortable costumes to date.

Before The Reaping by Verdaera Pensive before the Reaping... by Verdaera

My hair WILL be brown for this for D*C.

Also, I've started an Etsy site, BagsOfHolding. So far I've 3 items on there, one sold but I'm making more.

One Slot Gray Linen Belt Pouch by Verdaera One Slot Blue Linen Belt Pouch by Verdaera

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