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Victorian Corset

By Verdaera
This is the corset I've been working on for my steampunk costume, though technically I made it historically accurate so I can wear it with historical Victorian costumes. I used the pattern from the book "Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques" by Jill Saleen, using the pattern on page 71, and the flossing design from page 74. I used The Corsetmaking Revolution PDF ( [link] ) to size the pattern, which was invaluable, plus the advice of several of my DeviantArt friends! This is the 3rd corset I've made, and my first Victorian one. I used two layers of cotton coutil, and cream silk dupioni from for the outer layer. The busk, grommets, and boning all came from I also hand-dyed the lace to a chocolate brown color. I liked the details of the wider boning channels sewn on the outside rather than the inside, and the cording at the bust. This was a fun project, and I know I made it right because it's pretty comfortable. I have a 24.5 inch waist, and I only lace this down to 23.5 (No need to kill myself, I don't have a lot to squish down anyway)

Here's another shot of the corset that's not in the Costume gallery:
Corset Portrait by Verdaera

-edit- THIS CORSET IS FOR SALE!  Check out my Etsy listing for size details.…
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That's a beautiful corset I love it! :D Im sure that's likely metal boning instead of plastic? if so was wondering where you purchase. My hobby store only carries plastic boneing and it just doesn't retain shape like the metal
Verdaera's avatar
Yes, I prefer to use metal (though some people swear by plastic cable ties, claiming it has the same elasticity as whalebone!)

There's a few places, I forget which one I ordered from last:…

I've also had luck finding supplies on Etsy!
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oh nice! thank you much! :) :huggle:
TijonWolfsMajestys's avatar
Excuse me, this may seem like a very silly ques but what is the name of the gown your wearing underneath the corset? I am having a hell of a time finding one to wear with my corset cause I don't know the name of it. :( I am very new to costuming.
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Not a silly question at all :) It's called a chemise, or on occasion, a shift. They are very easy to make, just search for instructions for a chemise on whichever era your corset will be, for instance, a Victorian Chemise. Otherwise, there are plenty of shops that sell them to wear under costumes :)
TijonWolfsMajestys's avatar
Thank you so much ^^ I cant wait to get started! Thank you Thank you! :tighthug:
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Sure thing, good luck! :D
DarkMage83's avatar
This is amazing!

I was wondering, do you take costume commissions? I'm interested in a leather costume and I was wondering if you took commissions.
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Thanks :)

I'm sorry, I don't take commissions
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The White Witch chainmail caught my eye but this is amazing.
LTgoatRoper's avatar
The White Witch chainmail caught my eye but this is amazing.
AsiaBreen's avatar
This may sound like like a stupid question, but what are the fastenings on the front called?
Verdaera's avatar
That's a busk in the front :) There are a few different kinds, some that serve as a closure and some that are just a solid piece. Here's where I got mine, that show different kinds: [link]

PS, loving the Castiel icon :)
AsiaBreen's avatar
Thank you, that helps a lot! :)

Also, thanks :P I love Castiel <3
Valix-Lashten87's avatar
Did you make this one? I'm looking for patterns and how to's on making my on.
Verdaera's avatar
Yep. I did a little write-up on my blog on the books I used and a great site that shows how to convert patterns from books to your size: [link]

The only things these books don't tell you is how to fit the corset properly. Mine still doesn't fit right, so corset making definetly takes some experimentation.
Valix-Lashten87's avatar
Sweetness Thanks a ton
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I hope I am that skillful someday with clothes-making
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What did you use for the boning? I'm using the same pattern and wondering what would be good.. Spiral steel bonging would be too bendy, wouldn't it? What do you think about pastic whalebone?
Verdaera's avatar
Oooh, plastic is eeeevil. It tends to buckle and curl. I like the spring steel boning myself. I'd use the spiral steel before I use plastic though any day
RococoAtelier's avatar
I thought so! I should get some spring steel soon..
xMsAleshax's avatar
That's fantastic! And I love the fact that you made it historically accurate!
The modern day looks down on things like corsets, and I understand why. But I personally find them really pretty and interesting. =]
GuiseMaker's avatar
Ee!! I love the color choices!
amie21's avatar
It's beautiful x x x
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