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Alice, at last...

By Verdaera
**Please Note: This is NOT Cosplay. I am a Costumer, not a Cosplayer. Thank you for your understanding.**

Here is my completed Alice costume, from the new Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. It is entirely hand-made, including the lace and the embroidered hem (which took me 7 months to hand embroider) I do want to add another petticoat for floof and get a proper wig, but it's essentially done.

For more detailed shots of the individual pieces, please see my gallery.

Photo by Scott Cousins of Suburban Journals of St. Louis: [link] (downloads disabled)
Taken at Archon, October 2nd. This costume won Best in the Journeyman category for Workmanship!

At Dragon*Con in Sept. 2010, I also received an Honorable Mention in the Friday Night costuming contest, Best Workmanship In Show for the Young Adult Lit. costume contest, and Best Disney Character in the Hall Costume Contest!
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It's just... perfect! Wow!
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This is absolutely beautiful! I would love to see a close-up of that incredible hem embroidery.
Verdaera's avatar
Aww, thanks! :)

Here's a pic of the hem: [link]!/photo.php?fbid=1647636315816&set=t.100000095530815

And real close-up of one repeat: [link]
ilithyahime's avatar
This is so cool! The embroidery at the hem looks great, and those shoes are awesome! :)
SineadMeehan's avatar
This looks amazing, and you totally deserved all those awards :)
GuiseMaker's avatar
Congrats on all the awards! :clap: This costume is perfect :)
Cherry-tree-island's avatar
Yay! you finished it - It looks amazing! 8D
Well done :)
allishaan's avatar
Absolutely Beautiful! All that hard work and time you spent on it really paid off - and it show!! Just lovely!!
DrMind's avatar
Wonderful. You're such a master!
AlAlNe's avatar
Perfect!! worth the wait!
Ringo-amai's avatar
Ringo-amai's avatar
are you going to make the other Alice costumes now?
mahoujirou's avatar
What a wonderful dress!!!!! :la: :heart: O my goD I love it!! and the boots!! extraordinary job!! :la:
SweeneyT-DemonBarber's avatar
wow that is the most accurate Alice dress I have ever seen! looks just like the original one
rasmermaid's avatar
i costume as well, nicely done
WhiteAngelDreams's avatar
You are completely awesome. I actually went out and watched the film because of your dress diary. XD Your dedication and talented are to be much admired. :)
SparkleWolfie's avatar
Wow it is beautiful! The embroidery is beautiful and it is stunningly accurate :) Love the sleeves and lace detailing!
dinokat's avatar
Beautifully done. I'm even more impressed with your workmanship on this dress now that I've seen the official costume in store. I had to try it on since I adore the style, but was saddened to see the seems already were ripping when I took it out of the bag. Congrats on the awards, your dress is worth them!
innermonkey's avatar
That looks fantastic!

You really outdo yourself every time.
TekRep's avatar
Very lovely :heart:

Your hard work shows and your accolades are well deserved. I'd ask you to marry me, but well, I'm already married, and you're young enough to be my daughter. But someday soon you will make some lucky young man very happy.
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