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Alice - At Last

By Verdaera
Finally! An awesome full picture of my finished Alice costume! This was at Dragon*Con 2011, and this time I had a wig and some-what fuller skirt. This is the dress I made last year that took 9 months to create, 7 of which were spent hand-embroidering the hem. See my gallery for detailed shots of every layer of the costume plus descriptions.

**PLEASE NOTE! My work is NOT cosplay! 'Cosplay' is 'Costumed Roleplaying', 'COSTUMING' is the art of creating costumes. When I submit a deviation, I am displaying my work in COSTUMING. Thank you for understanding...***

Photo taken by the wonderful :iconbryanhumphrey: Bryan Humphrey. Slight re-touching in photoshop.

*Sorry for the watermark, I've had too many friends have pictures of their costumes stolen :p

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gorgeous! the embroidery is wonderful, well done!
Verdaera's avatar
Thanks very much! :D
ViktoryaRozeTassi's avatar
I saw this movie with my grents when it came out- LOVE the costume- looks just like the one in the movie!!!
Verdaera's avatar
Aww, thanks so much :)
t1gertasha's avatar
LOVE LOVE LOVE This cos play I think its prob the best one I've seen for this version of Alice.
Verdaera's avatar
Thank you very much :) It's actually a costume, not a cosplay
EmilyParrishCostume's avatar
*GASP* this is amazing! I can't believe you embroidered that hem it looks fantastic!
shadowleigh's avatar
It's beautiful, but I don't understand the difference you are trying to put between cosplaying and costuming. It's the same thing, I feel like you're just trying to take off the label "cosplay" because maybe it's too mainstream for your taste, or maybe you don't want to be labeled with the rest of us?
Verdaera's avatar
I'm sorry, Cosplay and Costuming are *NOT* the same thing. Is it not possible to cosplay, but not make the costume you are wearing? Cosplay is Roleplaying in Costume, and the focus of that activity seems to be on the roleplay aspect. I am a COSTUMER, which means my focus is on the art form of creating the COSTUME and trying to create the portrait of a character. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but I have been costuming well before people were confusing it with cosplay. Most professional-level costuming guilds and clubs refer to the activity as costuming as opposed to cosplay as well. The only exception seems to be people who discovered costuming while people were mislabeling it 'cosplay'.

Either way, I put the disclaimer because I'm sick of people calling me a cosplayer, and I just want people to respect what I wish to be called :)
shadowleigh's avatar
I'm sorry I had meant no disrespect by what I had commented and I'm sorry if it sounded that way, you DO make a good point. :) I still see it my way, but the great thing about this world is we're all free to our own opinions.
Great costume.
Verdaera's avatar
I'm glad you understand, and if you consider yourself a cosplayer I respect your decision :)
Thanks very much, the Alice is one of my favorites :)
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Verdaera's avatar
Thank you! I actually don't cosplay, I'm a costumer.
TnSabregirl's avatar
This was just brilliant!
Encantadas's avatar
WOW!!! Your costume is breath taking!!!
Your hand embroidering is awesome!!
Everything is perfect!
Congrats!! you should be very proud of yourself!!!
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This piece has been featured here [link] :heart:
TGrrr89's avatar
Wow, the work on this is amazing. I still can't believe you did that embroidery all on your own.
NoctiLuna's avatar
You make wonderful costumes :D I read what you said about costumery and cosplay on your frontpage and found it a very interesting thought, now I consider myself a costumer instead of a cosplayer as well ^^ because my focus has always been on the clothes and not the role-playing. Alas, I haven't sewn for ages...
Verdaera's avatar
Thank you! I'm very glad to hear it! I hope you get back into sewing again, fellow costumer :)
NoctiLuna's avatar
I hope so, too :) I want to make the Flesh Maiden dress from the Madness Returns game, but I think this will be more of a crafting project, not so much sewing...
Spaceout626's avatar
Simply stunning. The details are absolutely wonderful.
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Awsome job on the dress and especially the hand embroidery it looks stunning!

Without trying to be disrespectful, but why is it important to mention that the dress is NOT cosplay? It maybe a language barrier thing, but I don't understand.
Verdaera's avatar
Thanks very much! :)

Well, this whole 'cosplay' thing is a new thing... cosplay is technically anime and roleplaying. Costuming is not necessarily the same thing as cosplaying, and after the amount of time I spend researching and making my art, it really makes me feel bad when people call it a 'cosplay' because I'm not playing, I take my art very seriously :) Most costumers I've met in the larger guilds don't like the term cosplay applied to costuming. Hopefully that explains it :)
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If it helps put it into perspective, the use of "play" isn't meant to designate any lack of dedication. We call what we do in the SCA "playing" but more people complain that people take it too seriously than not seriously enough.
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