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Just a flower snapshot by Vercalos Just a flower snapshot :iconvercalos:Vercalos 0 0 A Butterfly resting on a flowe by Vercalos A Butterfly resting on a flowe :iconvercalos:Vercalos 1 6
Broken Wings, Broken Spirit
You tell me to fly,
Yet you clip my wings.
I ask you why,
You tell me to sing.
You cannot see that you're driving me mad,
But you push and push me closer to the edge.
You insult me for trying even when I'm sad,
But you shove me closer and closer to the ledge.
Why can't you display any love, even a token?
Why can't you see my spirit is broken?
Why can't you see that I cannot fly?
Why can't you just tell me why?
You don't know how many times I prayed for death,
You don't know how hard I've tried,
You just pushed me and ripped me bereft.
You just pushed me even when I cried.
Why can't you display any love, even a token?
Why can't you see my spirit is broken?
Why can't you see that I cannot fly?
Why can't you just tell me why?
So I cast myself into the abyss,
My clipped wings clawing air,
Check one off Death's list,
For my life was never fair.
Why can't you display any love, even a token?
Why can't you see my spirit is broken?
Why can't you see that I cannot fly?
Why can't you just tell me
:iconvercalos:Vercalos 1 3
Random Sanity
I just got off of work, and I was driving down the road to get home, after picking up something for lunch, then a thought occured to me as I drove; am I still sane? I asked myself in my mind, as the radio blared some modern music, tuned into KROQ, a local rock and roll station.  How can anyone have gone through what I have and still remain sane? My mind continued, with little regard for my emotional state.  But strangely, I didn't sink into depression, my thoughts didn't even continue to question my sanity for much longer...  But then I wondered, how can anyone be sane in this insane world?  This world is full of such conflicting ideas and rules, it is a wonder that anyone is sane.  Society tells us to eat good food, but then tells us to watch our weight, to be beautiful, only to tell us that beauty is only skin deep, that real beauty is on the inside, but outer beauty is what counts, that we are entitled to our opinions,
:iconvercalos:Vercalos 0 1
A Nightmare's Ending
I look around and call your name,
but you do not answer.
I wonder where you are, who is to blame,
I look for you but never find,
I wonder what I did to deserve this,
To be left behind.
I cry tears of blood,
As I look across the window sill,
I wonder where you are,
And feel a sudden chill.
I scream in horror,
You come running to me,
I awaken,
I no longer wish to flee.  
:iconvercalos:Vercalos 0 3
Some Day
The boy watched his favorite team practice their play,
And he thought, "One day,"
He watched them all the time,
Looking for some sort of sign,
The players knew him for as long as he'd been there,
Before long they began to care,
They would smile and wave at him he would wave back,
He practiced himself and ran track,
He got better and better practicing every day,
And he still thought "One day,"
He started his way home but didn't see the car,
He didn't get very far,
He woke up a week later but the driver hadn't been caught,
The entire team was distraught,
"Paralyzed from the neck down," the Doctor said,
The nerves were crushed and dead,
The team visited him but there was little to say,
Now he looks out the door of his room and thinks, "Some day.
:iconvercalos:Vercalos 1 2
Mature content
Painless Suffering :iconvercalos:Vercalos 1 3
And So I Said Goodbye
I saw her face again, her smile again,
Her beautiful eyes again,
Feelings rose up inside my cold dead heart,
Dead since we were part,
I told her all the things she meant to me,
What was wrong, I couldn't see,
I took her hand, she told me it was cold,
Something came to me as I was told,
I remembered the fight, and the pain,
I looked down and saw the chain,
I realized I was dead,
So I looked into her eyes,
And so I said goodbye,
And I left,
As my eyes filled with tears.
:iconvercalos:Vercalos 0 7


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Looks like I'll have to leave Deviant Art.  I'm allergic to cats.


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Joshua Michael Foster
United States
Current Residence: Washington
Favourite genre of music: Techno, and Classical Piano
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
MP3 player of choice: WinAMP
Wallpaper of choice: nature scenes
Favourite cartoon character: Static Shock(strange of me, no?)
Personal Quote: The road leads where it may, and I follow it, night and day


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