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NC2010_19_Commander Badass

The title of this comic was too long to post in the title, so I just used the characters name instead.

This is Commander Badass from the webcomic "Manly Guys Doing Manly Things"

Kinda messed up the perspective a little, his left arm (right on the page) winds up looking short, but other than that im pleased with this pic.
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I love this guy!
Nice job.
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Thank ye kindly!!
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I believe you captured his expression with accuracy.
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i'd be flogged by the fans if i didnt lol!
Thanks fer commenting!
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My goodness, I love it.
Only...did you notice that his left hand is transparent?
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i drew it, lol it would be pretty hard for me not to notice something like that. This was drawn for a month long event i do every year in november, where i draw and post 1 new pic a day for the whole month. Because im usually in a rush, the pics arent 100% complete (as in inked and colored)

Something like this i would usually fix in the inks (only ink the hand and not the lines behind it)but unless i do an inked version of this later, this is gonna be left as is

Thanks for commenting!
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Hmmm, for some reason, without any color Commander reminds me of Ben from Full Throttle. Awesome.

Also, I think you're the first person I've stumbled across with a nice supply of Commander fanart :)
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... i'll have to look full throttle up, now im curious!
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... and by "a nice supply" I mean "at least one" :D
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Oh man, awesome! I really like how you did his face!

Ahahaha, I think the arm is pretty fine, art is all about what you can get away with ;D
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Thanks!!! The face, I think, was my main focus, so as long as that came out ok, i was gonna be ok with the rest of the drawing... the arm doesnt look as bad as i initially thought, but i still thinks its just slightly off, lol

Thanks again!!
love the artwork! but it is missing the chest hair and cigar lol
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The cigar i didnt feel was mandatory, but the chest hair i honestly just forgot, lol
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I'd like to read an adventure book just of him and his journeys.
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That's be cool
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Hahaha, awesome!
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