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For six months I've been creating speedpaint YouTube videos. I have enjoyed the whole process and learned a lot, but one problem is still bothering me, namely Quality Reduction of videos after uploading to YouTube. So I took printscreen, so you can see the diffrence. Picture on the right is the original video played in Windows Media Player (crispy, lot of details, full of colors). And picture on the left is the same video uploaded on YouTube (lot of details are gone, colors washed out). ...While YouTube video is played it's even worse.

Porovnani-s-nadpisy by VeraZowa

I know why YouTube is doing that and yes, it is a part of this game, but I don't know if I want to continue ... 

Thank you for listening to my little complaining.

Have a beautiful day, Everyone. wave remake 
Maybe we are alike, loving to watch speedpaint videos ....:aww lover:. 
So take a sit, relax, enjoy ... or be inspired! And don't forget your favourite drink :bademoticon: .

My YouTube Channel

This year I decided to bring a little gift for you. I have created my first digital painting timelapse video, so if you like to spend time watching others while painting, just take a sit, relax and enjoy the show. :D (Big Grin) 

Ablaze by VeraZowa
These are tools I made or repaired or upgraded for my personal needs. Little Worker They are not going to win any contest beauty but I love them anyway. :love:

Stojan by VeraZowa

Table Easel. engineering work Oops emote 

Strouhatko by VeraZowa

Table Sharpener. Very old, noisy, some parts already fell off ... but it still works just fine! :happy: 

Tortilon by VeraZowa

Pencil for shading sketches with Tortillon (blending stump) attached to the end.  ... yes it is electrical insulation tape. :oopsies: 

I am sure that you also have your own custom pieces. Do not be shy, show them to the world. Neko Emoji-17 (Happy) [V1] 

Have a beautiful day, everyone.My Dork Dance 
This year I was commissioned to paint illustrations/backgrounds for a short film called "Přízraky ze Supí hory" that shows a tale based on Teplice legends.

Enjoy watching (czech version only).

Isn't it beautiful? :love:

Personally, throughout the day I heavily depend on sight, and therefore I know that even in other senses lies the charm of living. 

Real-time face tracking & projection mapping. 

This video was filmed in real time, with the aid of face tracking and live projection. The results are pretty stunning and open up a whole world of creative potential.

Amazing project :love:…
Fantastic work. Simply hilarious.  Rollin' Safari :rofl:

Today I could not believe my eyes, one of my painting Daydreaming got Daily Deviation, amazing. :dance: I did not think that it will ever happen. That's the best Christmas present ever. Thank you very much, Cher for featuring! :hug:

And my thanks to everyone for great comments and favourites. :D 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

:xmas:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.:xmas: :boogie:

I just finished a new design of my website with more informations than before. And I would like to announce, that I am open for pet portrait commissions. So have a pleasant visit at:

P.S: If you have trouble viewing content, press F5 (refresh page) or Ctrl+R.

Have a beautiful day.
I would like to point out that my online galery have been moved to new web address. VERAZOWADOVA.COM

No more ads. Yay! :dance:
I have just found this video about one insightful cat... :D…

More Henri's vids :…
As you know for the digital paintings I am using open-source programs MyPaint and Gimp and I like them. This well-made short film was also created using open-source software such as Blender. So do not believe those who say that without *professional tools* you cannot create anything good. :) The best thing about these software is that everyone can use them and also you have the oportunity to work on them.

Film on Youtube…
Website about Sintel
Open-source software definition…
What we do matters ... that's how is it for me.… made by Cara Antonelli.
I like the freshness of imagination in this piece. Amazing.

I think that the title can be translated as After the Rain. :)
Cat lovers and other *freaks* will surely appreciate the work of Simon Tofield, English animator.

Amazing short films on Simon's Site.
on YouTube.…

Check them and pick your favourite. :giggle:
... so, don't forget guys... keep drawing, painting, sculpting, taking photos, writing, sewing, searching, creative mind  ... live your life.
This fairytale has a fantastic visual style, I like it.…