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The Point Man

Haven't seen "Inception" yet but I'm already a fan of Arthur :).
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HOW CUTE!! Omg! ^^
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i. absolutely love. your style.
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yeah I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt sooo damn much as well (:
yep I bought Mysterious Skin! I agree it's depressing..but beautiful as well..
love his shoes :B
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Oh my gosh. I love his pointy shoes. :D
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I became obsessed after this movie. xD
i mean, I've known who he was as an actor, but damn, I just loved this movie!
Even after my 3rd time seeing it, there were still some things that I JUST then figured out, haha.
It's a great movie; I love Arthur!
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It was an amazing movie and it really makes you think. You'll love it!
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Świetnie ci wyszedł :) I tak, no.. Arturowato :D
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ja jestem tim eames :D
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Oh, you will love him in Inception. He is probably my favorite character in an already entertaining movie. :)
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It will blow your mind.

I love this...especially his shoes!
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Have you seen him in "Dark Shadows"? That is amusing to no end.
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haven't, but gotta see ;]
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YES. Tiny JGL AND horrible vampires. It rocks.
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The point is you must see the movie so we can enjoy your beautiful fan art inspired by it!
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The point?
The point is...

Awesome drawing of him, i loved him in third rock from the sun too.
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Heehee, you captured Arthur perfectly.
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See it, see it, SEE IT. Inception is made of awesomeness and if you're already a fan of Arthur you'll be more of fan after you watch the film 8D Great fanart <3
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The moment I saw the title I guessed it was him. :D
He looks amazingly cute! His face :heart: Great job.
GUH INCEPTION WAS AMAZING. I saw it twice already.
Arthur is all handsome and sexy in it.
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Arthur looks so charming here! His expression and his shoes, ahh ♥
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I'm just going to say that it's amazing. I think you'll love it!
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