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Well, I didn't update my journal for a very, very long time ! I write today to wish everyboby a happy new year (it was about time too) and announce you I joined the :iconchuck-club:

This is it ! And continue to visit my gallery ;)
Do you know TV Show Heroes ? Of course yes ! In France, its not beamed yet. But... I've ever seen the 18th episodes and I look forward to the 19th.
Because I love this serie, I've decided 3 weeks ago to create my own blog.

So if you want to peep it, go to this adress:
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From this friday, I've a curtailment week ! It's a good thing because these two last weeks were wearying. I've partials and the scores aren't not very brilliant :p. This week will be an excellent occasion to take rest and do sale !
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Holidays conclude today... Why, why, why ? Tomorrow, there are remedials for people who study spanish and it's not my case so I can stay at home. But I will cram for the partials :(
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The holidays are finished in 5 days... Maybe 6 if I'll not go in marketing lessons tuesday : what I probably will :P

My partials begin next wednesday and I haven't finished study for my exams...
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Happy new year everybody ! We're in 2007 ! Time passes so quickly ! What could I wish to you ? Hapiness, health, love... and many other things ! Peace in the world, less violence, it's utopian but well, we ever can wish.

This is what 2007 reserves to me according to a review; I don' t believe it too much but it's funny to read it:

"2007, superb year will be symbol of renewal, emancipation, audacity. Thanks to Uranus ! Two watchwords: in january/february, dare (labors, meet the kindred spirit)! You enjoy it from august and until 2008. Beginning february and march, end april, beginning may, july and september, go ! Born after the 6th,  pessimism watches you (upsurge of the bad duet Saturn/Neptun). Don't be dash and rely upon a friend to get your modus vivendi !"

Well, I'll go, I must go to revise for my partials which begin next wednesday. I'm not motivated...
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Hi everybody ! I just enrolled yesterday. I wanted to publish my drawings, communicate to other people and that's why I've joined up with Deviant Art. That's all ! And I've forgotten : happy new year !