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Reference Sheet: The Sorceress

By verallien
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Yush, this is how the reference sheets are going to look like now. One full size picture and a front and back chibi + accecories and stuff. I might re-do Cintic's, but I wouldn't count on it. <XD;;;


THE SORCERESS - (or mage, whichever you like p: )

Name: Gizelle (Gi-zell, where the "G" is read like "J")
Gender: Female
Age: 18?
Species: Human
Height: 174 cm
Weight: around 56 kg

Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Family: Scard (younger brother)

Personality: Strict, serious, intelligent, kind.

Weapons: She can use her staff to beat up people? <XD
Abilities: Magic ~ Light.

Brief Story: Gizelle comes from a family of bounty hunters. (family business ;B) She quickly mastered her magic power under the guidance of her mother, who was also a Light Mage. Although her parents were good to her, they were quite strict. They wanted their daughter, blessed by the powers of magic, to become a great mage, perhaps a hunter like they were. Gizelle would train and learn most of the time to please her parents, and never had any friends.
Giz's parents would be gone from home for long periods, leaving her and her little brother Scard at home with a caretaker. It was Gizelle who mostly brought up Scard and spent a lot of her spare time with him.
The older Gizelle grew, the less she saw of her parents, as they travelled for a long time and would come home for a week or two inbetween missions. They figured that Gizelle could take care of herself by then.
At the age of 15, Gizelle earned her first bounty and set off with Scard around Aperon, just as her parents did. After some time she didn't even care where they are nor how they are doing and concentrated more on her job and her brother than taking care of her bond with her parents.
Gizelle was summoned by an Ardveilen landlord to hunt down a half-human theif who ran off with their family treasure. While tracking him down, she met two victims of his theivery, two young girls. They tagged along with her, as they wanted to retrieve their stolen goods. She didn't think that along with these two girls she would travel far longer than she could have ever imagined.

(more corny, zomg)

About: Being a bounty hunter, Gizelle doesn't stay in one time for too long and travels most of the time with her younger brother Scard. She's somewhat of a workaholic. When she's not chasing bad guys, she takes part time jobs as an escort, messenger or any other job to earn some money.
Giz's a very talented mage - she mainly uses light magic, althugh she knows a bit of fire magic too. As corny as "Light" magic sounds, it doesn't have anything to do with Holy, Healing or such. It's more of pure energy, which gathered and condensed gives a powerful light, thus "Light" magic. (wow). As any magic abilities require, Gizelle is not only strong mentally, but also physicly. She's flexible (as much as her clothes let her p: ), agile and not-so-bad in hand to hand or close ranged combat (then she uses her staff to whack people.)
Gizelle is very protective of her brother Scard, even if he doesn't always want it, and shares a deep bond of sibling love with him. (d'awww)

Um, yes. I'll add more info later on. It's friggin' 1 in the morning and I have to get up at 8 tomorrow... today. (ON SUNDAY, GODDAMIT. D:< )
I know the symbol on the front flap thing is kinda' off, but I don't feel like drawing it for the 1000398539857th time.
And hahaha, fancy "Gizelle" writing. p:
Wheee, watermark.


EDIT: Added breif story. I kinda' didn't feel like writing it before <XD;;;

Gizelle, LoA is (c) to ~verallien (me)
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I especially like the insignia in the center of the drawing. That's not to say that the rest of the reference sheet was not as good, it just caught my eye first because it's not overly elaborate, yet gives you a good feeling of detail. The symbol over the creases in the front cloth thingy reacts especially well to the folds of the clothing, which is something that I always struggle with, so kudos for doing a great job!
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Nestly: Oh...mygosh... 8O Freakin' awsomey awsome character Vera! XD I simply LOVE her whole design. (especially the symbols and clothing) You are so great at interesting/appealing clothes. o_o; I am jealous. *needs creative clothing ideas like that*
Her hairs cool too. xD Gotta love the red hair.

The way you've drawn the symbol over the creases on the front of her cloak is amazing, I suck at stuff like that. XD I can't even notice it 'being off'.

Your reference sheets are really quite helpful and nice Vera. Jeebers, I need to get to doing some myself soon. I also like how you mentioned she's not one of those, 'white mage, holy white light' kind of magic peoples. XD 'Cause that's what I think of too when I hear that. So she's the kinda magey person who can use electricity type stuff? X3

You need to start sharing your stories for them all. D8 It's been so loooong. xD
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It makes Vera happy that you think Gizelle looks awsome. :glomp:
Well, Gizelle's one of those "practically un-practical but cool looking clothing" people (those tunic like flaps are kind of useless). It was really fun making her clothes though. p:

If you want to design some clothes, the best way to make neat-looking clothing is to set a theme, make a color palette and add accecories accordingly to what your who your char is/what they do (ex. a warrior char will need some armor, a place to hold his sword etc.)
Like for Gizelle, I used a more "mage/priest" theme, so she has those long, cloak/tunic like bits of clothes and most of her body is covered. Gizelle fights, so I added combat bits of clothing too. (the leather gear and the glove on her casting hand). I added nifty looking symbols on her tunic-flap-parts and that star symbol on her hair pin and on the chain. She also has trekking boots, since she travels alot. I used a reddish-brown color pallete with tan for the leather and the break-through turquose for her eyes. And tah-dah! Practically un-practical but cool looking clothing! dOvOb </lessonlikerambling>

Redhead love! 8D I thought of giving her freckles, since most redheads have them, but she looked a bit ridicuolous. <XD Her little brother has freckles though.

The symbol is placed wrong and is bent too much to the right and top, unless you pretend that the tunic bends backward at the left side (our left). It looks like it's cut off there. o:

Well, I'm glad that they are helpful. Since that's kind of what I was aiming for. >XD;;

And yes, it's a bit stereotyped that light mages us holy magic and such. p:
Gizelle uses pure energy, so it's mostly energy beams, blasts and so on. She can also light up dark places or blind people with flashes of very strong light etc. As I said, she can also use a bit of fire magic, since fire is pretty close to light, although they are different types and you cast them differently. It's rare for someone to know more than one type of magic unless it's derived from another type. (like you can't learn fire and earth magic 'cause they are different. But light and eletricity are quite simular, so it could be possible o: ) Although this reffers mainly to humans. Learning two magic types is not impossible for some species of half-humans and for all NB's. :B

Yes, I just updated her "Breif Story" section, since well... it wasn't there in the first place. <XD Mainly it's a -very- short summary of her life until she comes into the story. Hur hur. 8B
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Nestly: She IS. XD All of your character are looking great now.

And wow. OwO Thanks for all the helpful tips. XD I guess my problem is, I don't know enough about what kind of clothing these types of people wear, but yeah. Practice practice.

awwww, her brother must be adorable then. :>

Jeeze. XD I wouldn't know this stuff very well. Where did you learn all that? Or are these basically your own world rules? Heh heh.

Cool. 83 I'll have to take another peek at that one.
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awesome clothes!
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I love the use of red in this! 8D Love this character design.
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