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I know, despite the huge number of new awesome games (Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, etc) and other stuff, I keep spamming with DmC and Mass Effect. This time, however, it is for a very good reason! It's not only to make you all have a nosebleed, but also because I had to reward ~Lady-Scythe for the AMAZING drawing she made for me!! It's about Dante and my OC and if you're interested you can see the masterpiece here [link]. She's very talented, I love her style. I fell in love with her arts since the first DmC sketches she posted here.
Anyway, since she loves Devil May Cry as much as I do, I thought that a DmC render would be perfect for this purpose. I know that she loves it and I'm happy! :meow:

Note: Before you ask, considering the many notes I've got until now, Vergil's shirtless model is NOT available. I'm still working on it because it's bugged as hell and I got some problems in fixing it. I don't even know if I will ever be able to release him, so please don't spam my inbox with requests for him :) thanks.

Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry belong to Ninja Theory and Capcom.



You're not allowed to repost my work anywhere without my permission. If you want to share my renders on tumblr feel free to do it, but DON'T remove the link. I don't own the models, but all my renders usually require time, patience and efforts. Please respect this.
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o-o....Hot damn.
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i :+fav:ed for you, is that ok?
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Yes :D thank you!
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How can I order 20 of each
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It would be rude to not accept their offer, make room boys.
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((Holy Bakagami, I'm dying here...!!
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My head is full of inappropriate thoughts right now ~
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OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIT ... THEY ARE ... SOOOOO HOOOOT LOOK AT MY BABY VERGIIIIIIIIIIIIL OH DAAAAAMN ! HIS LOOKINGGGGGGGGGG ! :icondrunk-plz: :icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz::icondrunk-plz:
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Nosebleed  aaahh... anyone have some tissues?
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*lands a tissue* here you go :P
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But how did you make it?:puppy-eyes:  I somewhat kind of interested in it, so yesterday I just downloaded xnalara. Did you have some tutorials for a newbie?

Sorry about my English, it's not my native language :sorry:  Emoticon: Bow 
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Did you download XNALara or XPS? XNALara is the basic program created by dusan, XPS is an upgraded version that allows you to have more interesting options

The program is easy to use. Once you download the converted models (I have many in my gallery) you need to put them into a folder called 'data', then with the program loaded you can open them via File - Add model(s) or Modify - Load Generic_item :)

The control window has all the visible bone names that you can pose either selecting them from there, or clicking directly on the model where you want to pose it.

To make pictures like this one, however, I export the scene in obj from XPS and render it in 3D programs such as 3D Studio Max and blender Cycles.
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Uhm, well, one more question : Where did you get the models? Do you download them somewhere or make them by yourself or something?
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You can find many models all around, especially here on DA :)
We mostly extract the models and convert them, sometimes even rig them to make them poseable.
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Thanks for help then :)
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I'm comiiing babies !! *nosebleed*

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my eyes wont move from the picture.... god not again
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Happily, boys. ;)
Great work!
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Join. Don't have to ask me two times.


Have Vergy inside while kissing with Dante... WAAAAAAAAAAH. DIDN'T SAY THAT ^^;

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:XD: lol, the effect these two can make
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