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General FAQ

What do you use to render your 3D works?

Blender Cycles.

How do you create your DAZ models? Through morphs?

The morphs are useful to at least create a basic shape, but the program doesn't allow you to make any additional modeling and that can be a problem. In order to create additional shapes I move back and forth between DAZ and ZBrush using the GoZ plugin.

How do you make custom clothes?

I create them in Marvelous Designer.

Do you sell Daz3d models?

I am not experienced enough to do that and in order to sell my stuff on the DAZ Shop I have to be sure everything is perfect and compatible with everything. I am not exactly sure how that works since I make various morphs in ZBrush and save the characters as they are without converting it all into assets.

Can I request a model for my personal use?

I am only available for commissions, free requests are not an option here. Full DAZ models can be quite expensive due to the amount of work required too. You also may need some of the content I have installed in order to display the model properly and you would get it as a saved project instead of asset.

How do I extract models from this or that game?

Can't help you there. I haven't extracted anything in ages if not from the stuff I already have. I'm no longer active in the XPS community in terms of porting, so I highly recommend to ask who's still into releasing models.


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Hello! Before asking any question in comments or notes, please check THIS journal first!

Ko-Fi | Patreon

This profile once used to be an archive for XNALara/XPS ports, now it's just a normal art page where I post my 3D renders made with in-game characters and my own Daz3d models. I currently plan to re-render almost all my old images as soon as I get the chance, they were made a long time ago and seeing how flat and ugly they look now triggers me deeply.

If you have any question feel free to drop a comment or send me a message, but be sure to check the journal linked above first in order to avoid a bunch of useless requests.


Tools of the trade:

XPS User Stamp by DarkSSJShinji Blender user by DS-DNA Photoshop Stamp by mushir Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon After Effects Stamp by Comet4 DAZ Studio User Stamp by xDLGx ZBrush Stamp by jpapasso

FAQ - Models requests and such

Thu Jul 19, 2018, 2:38 AM

Since I recently got a lot of requests from people who wanted links for my old XPS ports (and since apparently my ID is too hard to check/doesn't show up on mobile), I decided to write a full journal with questions and answers so that I can link it to whoever shall drop a comment or note with models requests and such. So, without further ado, here's all you need to know about requests and my DA page.

"Where are your XPS ports?"

If you found me through other people for the XPS models I once released, I'm sorry to let you know I no longer have those models up.

"Can I have this or that model please?"

They were all taken down and I don't plan to reupload them, so the answer is no.

"Can you send me the FFXV/AC/etc models you rendered?"

I stopped doing that for legal and moral reasons, so again NO.

"Meh, you don't even own the models in the first place!"

Duh? That is precisely why I'm not sharing anymore. Because I do not own the models and I don't intend to be responsible for the way they are used. You don't need to approve, it's not like I'd change my mind anyway.

"Can I share your old ports for the public?"

If you happen to have any of my ports, please do not reupload them for other people. I took them down because I no longer wanted them online, so I kindly ask you to respect my decision.

"Why are you so against porn?"

I am actually not against porn per say, on the contrary I can enjoy it like anyone else. The real issue is is the way porn is made here; copyrighted models edited for nudes and used not only for questionable content most of the time, but also for money on Patreon and/or for commissions. Using copyrighted assets in such a disrespectful way and for profit is absolutely wrong in my eyes and I don't want the models I release to be used for that kind of stuff. As I mentioned above I don't want to feel responsible for the way my ports are used and that already happened in the past. I have a side job as MP Beta Tester and as such I respect the game companies way too much to continue. The so called XNALara community is no longer how it used to be, which is sad.

"Lol you know you can't stop it, right?"

I know perfectly well love, reason why I removed all my ports and stopped sharing. You can complain with me about this old story as much as you like, but your trolling will result in a terrible waste of time. You are free to have your own opinion about the matter, but my decision is final and your hate surely won't make me cry nor see things differently.

"Can you at least share your custom models?"

Why should I? I spend way too much time on those, my original characters and custom made models are for personal use only.

"I want your DAZ models for XPS."

Not a chance.

"I want your DAZ models in my Daz3d program, can I get them?"

Not gonna happen, sorry.

"Do you take requests for renders?"


"Meh, you're rude."

Correction: I'm fed up. When you constantly have to deal with the same requests, complaints and even hateful attacks for your own decisions or opinions over and over again, at some point even the sweetest person will lose their composure.



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Ofc instead of finishing off the list of models I got so far I just keep adding new ones to the pile. Yeah, didn't even play the game yet, but I really wanted to make Connor from Detroit: Become Human. I think this is getting somewhere, although I still have to fix some stuff and eventually make his clothes in MD (help).
Figured the LED on his head would look better with an actual mesh retextured with the original image rather than adding it to the face map, which looked too stretched anyway due to the UVs and thus far from realistic.

Cattura by Verahnika
Cattura2 by Verahnika
This is still Daz3d + ZBrush btw.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Much appreciated 😘
Some time ago I said I was planning to render the majority of old pictures I have in my gallery anew. A few of them were made with 3DS Max and my knowledge about Mental Ray was basically 0, other renders came from Blender when I had no real experience with it and I had no idea how skin shaders and such actually worked. They are way too flat and trigger me whenever I look at them now. I can't say exactly when I'll be able to start replacing (especially considering that a new heatwave is about to hit my Country and use the computer then will be pretty much impossible), but expect a bunch of updated deviations in the future along with new XPS renders and personal works with DAZ Studio, MD and such.

That will be all for now, "I should go".
I watched Ready Player One today and while the plot per se is not particularly unique, I really enjoyed it! I am considering to make Parzival in Daz3d and see what I can come up with :D
I am practicing with Marvelous Designer right now. As much as I love using DAZ Studio because let's face it, it certainly makes your life easier when it comes to hair and clothes you can use, that doesn't make me feel completely satisfied when it comes to Patreon content or simply custom made showcase. Even if I work on the models myself it still doesn't feel right you know... so I'm trying to reach a decent level in order to add as many personal assets as possible. Step one, clothes.

Hoodie by Verahnika
Just have to get used to the retopology and UVs + textures making (although in some cases simple materials work nicely, see the hoodie above) and figure out how to recreate certain patterns and how to configure the clothing shape to prevent "floppy" parts when I need something firm.

You can check a more detailed example of proper UVs here:
Shirt by Verahnika
This was actually made over a real shirt I own, helped me a lot I must say! :D

Next step: hair cards for 100% custom made hair meshes.


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