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Of PipBucks and Cutie Marks Pg11-12



So that was a ride!
This was my final concept for Stable LittlePip.
My own logo for the Fallout Equestria series. (Even though I like the other much better, this one is mine) :P
Did this in a day.. today in fact even though there isn't a crap load going on I think I was trying to do way to much on each page. Need to work on getting the point across with less pictures or this will really take a life time.
Any who this is my last full color comic page (mainly because I am lazy and suck at color schemes) but the comic will still contain color, I..... have..... ideas. We will see how they turn out if you all are still on this ride with me. I do have to admit I have come a LONG way fro where I started and should only get better from here.

A heart felt THANK YOU goes out to all my watchers. As I really never had anyone who was ever interested in my art work, and as simple as a click of the mouse is to watch me is, it carry's a whole lot of support for me behind it, so thank you!

And of course all my hugs, kisses, and love goes out to Kkat. For without her and her wonderful story I may have never tried my hand at my true passion. And even though I may never be as talented as some of the fantastic artists I see on a daily basis I truly am happier than I have been in a long time.

Fallout Equestria and all characters are the from the magnificent Kkat, and all you love should go to her.
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Oooo, this is nice. Excellent job on LP.