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Of PipBucks and Cutie Marks Pg1



Ok what to say..... Sorry it took so long.
This one only took me about a week but the first try I scraped after two weeks of work because I didn't like anything about it, not the layout or my actual drawings, so I ditched it and started anew.
I tried a bunch of new things and different techniques in almost every panel trying to find a balance between speed and well good looking art. I know things look funny in some of the panels so feel free to tell me which ones and what about them you liked or disliked so I can focus on the good and cut out the bad for the rest of the comic.
The next one may be a ways off I think I may have come up with a way to quicken the process so I can pump them out on a regular pace without sacrificing quality but It requires me to build up a library of Pony parts first and I want them to be my original vectors so...... yeah starting from scratch.
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Figures her mom would have booze in her inventory at all times -_-