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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Form

By vera-san
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Please credit and link back if you use! :)

My most popular deviation to date is my old Mystery Dungeon Form, which people have been using to make profiles for their own PMD teams. When I heard about the new Super Mystery Dungeon game I got so pumped that I decided to revamp the form into something far more stylish :D

If you want a .PNG version, just right-click the image and select 'save as' to get it on your computer. HOWEVER, if you use the download button, you'll get a .psd file that has several different colored backgrounds to choose from: blue, green, red, purple, pink, and the current gray one. Only people with GIMP, Photoshop, SAI or some other kind of advanced editing program can use the .psd version.

So here we have the new and improved team form! On the left is a space for you to draw a picture of the members of your team. On the right is some basic information:

Team Name: self-explanatory :P

Main Members: the main members of your team. I personally would go with the members that either live in the base or almost always go on missions, NOT members who have to stay with Chimecho/in Friend Areas. Remember that you can only have four pokemon max when going through dungeons, so if your team does escort missions they should have no more than three o:

Alternates: any additional members you may have on your team who stay in the Chimecho Assembly/Friend Areas; these members will be the ones who fill in for others who are gone or are just part-time. If you don't have any you can just put n/a :D

Affiliation: this is to accommodate teams from any of the games. Independent is for teams who are on their own (like in Blue/Red rescue teams); Wigglytuff's Guild is for teams from Explorers in Time/Darkness/Sky (even if your team has graduated, since you still use the Guild to get job postings) and the Expedition Society is something I don't actually know much about but I saw it in the trailer for Super Mystery Dungeon. I'm assuming it's the group that handles the teams in the new game so I put it down, but I'll change it if that isn't relevant xD

Motto: any catchphrases or something your team has :D

Goals: any goals your team members are hoping to accomplish!

Additional info: if there's any other cool stuff you wanted to add (maybe team colors, some history, anything!) you can do it there.

That's it!! Enjoy :D

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Hi. Would you mind if I use this for a group I'm in?

Here's the group:

It's currently in the group favourites.

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Definitely gonna use this
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Thank you so much for this! And it's free to download aaaa you're an angel!
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This is amazing, thank you so much for this!
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No prob! Enjoy! :D
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Is it okay if I use bases for the team members? And if I publish here and on another website called Wattpad (I would credit you of course)?
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Of course, please do! And if you wouldn't mind linking me when you're done I'd love to see what you come up with!
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You're welcome! Thank you very much for using, it looks great :D
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This is free to use?
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Yep! Just be sure to credit me :D
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I'll make sure to do that. ^^
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Great! And if you feel like showing me the final product that'd be great, I love to see the finished versions :D
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Sounds like a plan! X3
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Awesome job! Thanks for using! :D
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