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OVERWATCH - Tracer cosplay [progress]

By Vera-Chimera
I was hoping to have Tracer done sooner, but at the same times I'm happy that she's coming along smoothly. 
Her leggings are almost complete, just need to finish painting the linework within the orange gradation. Her concept art constantly changes where she has gridwork or she doesn't, But I chose to add this detail in.

More pics to come!
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GenniGenevieve's avatar
This looks like so much work! And I thought I had it tough, making the leggings for Warring Kingdoms Katarina.
junkyardpicasso's avatar
How in the hell did you manage to sew the black part into the legs after sewing the inseam without it looking like a person with 3 thumbs did it? I did a trial run on one of my pairs and it looked TERRIBLE!
Xalath's avatar
Is there a step by step tutorial for this.?????? Oh my god please tell me
begginerartist12's avatar
Did you make the hexagonal pattern on the inner fabric or did you buy it like that? I can never seem to find fabric like that -3-
chryssv's avatar
Wow love it! What fabric did you use for the leggings? and how did you made the gradation? :O It's really amazing!
The mannequin you use, is it based on your measurements?
Vera-Chimera's avatar
No, this mannequin is actually a bit bigger than me. I'm always trying my costumes on after each adjustment 
That  makes sense.
FoxTailCosplay's avatar
love the gradient, but don't forget that she have not leggings but whole bodysuit, you can see that when you look to her jacket sleeves, at the ends you can see same fabric as leggings sleeves, so it's more like bodysuit than leggings.
Vera-Chimera's avatar
Yes, I didn't realize this until I had already cut and painted XD I'll either make a sleeved top or just armbands
FoxTailCosplay's avatar
Yeah. I now study all of her photos reference because I will be making her too for this summer, but I have struggle finding a good fabric for her bodysuits Because of the texture that it have.
Vera-Chimera's avatar
I opted for scuba stretch fabric for her pants. Spandex is just way too thin, and you end up seeing everything underneath- knickers and all. Scuba is quite thick and took the dye quite well!
Texture-wise, Tracer's art confuses me. Some pictures have that gridwork on her legs, some don't. I decided to mix the two ideas, and kept the gridwork where the gradation starts and ends. 
FoxTailCosplay's avatar
I found out that that scuba diving fabric is called neoprene, but I just can't find to buy it in europe that would be yellow. But I only search it for word like neoprene fabric, and never tried scuba diving, thank you for idea, maybe this will help finding something... :) oh and I am happy to know that you can  die that fabric, thanks.
Miaparart's avatar
This helps me to thx!
yinyangdreamer's avatar
love the gradient,cant wait to see the finish product   
amaro13's avatar
looka them sexy stems. whoohoo!
Atticustm1's avatar
really great progress. nice work.
nutshell's avatar
that's pretty nice!
alternatepony's avatar
Pretty good so far, interested in how your going to cosplay her hair either wig or manipulation of your own hair. Then bigger interest to me is how well the core of chronal accelerator is going to come out.

Not going to say I'm ecstatic over this choice in cosplay, but I would be lying if I didn't say I'm fasci
nated in how it might turn out.
XkhgirlX's avatar
love the gradient of the colours, done really nicely  
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