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Hello folks! It is I, the British Badnik. Here with another discussion journal entry.

Some of you might notice about a Sonic fangame called Sonic Smackdown, a fighting game where some of your favourite (and maybe least favourite) characters are beating the crap out of one another. I’ve haven’t played it myself, but it does look like fun. Then a few weeks ago, I watched a new YouTube video series by Professor Thorgi called Build the Roster where he made his dream roster for Marvel VS Capcom 4. In part 1 he talked about what characters he’d like to appear in the game, then in part 2 he talked about other modes and features in his dream game. This inspired me to create this discussion journal.

Sonic is no stranger to fighting games. Sonic Championship, (AKA: Sonic the Fighters) Sonic Battle and his guest appearances in Super Smash Bros. But lately I’ve been having an itch to have another fighting game with the Blue Blur. While I wouldn’t mind having a Smash Bros-styled fighting game with SEGA’s other IPs, this discussion will be focusing on Sonic. I won’t be talking about the gameplay because... I’m not that fussy on how it plays. If they take the “VS Capcom” route, then that’s fine. If it’s a 3D game similar to the likes Virtua Fighter/Tekken/Dead or Alive, then that’s fine. If it’s a 2D or 2.5D game, then that’s fine. As long as the gameplay itself is fun and functional, then that’s all that really matters. But if I had to choose, the ideal gameplay mechanic would be a mash up of both Sonic Championship and Battle, with a bit of MVC3 and they could have an ultimate finisher move (something similar to SSB’s Final Smash) for each character.

Keep in mind that this idea is a SEGA Sonic focused game, if I was hired by them. So the non-game characters won’t be mentioned here. They might appear as DLC, but I’m focusing on what will be available to you in the alpha state. With that out the way, for this discussion I’m going to talk about the character roster. I’ll be talking about characters that’ll appear in most modes, secret characters for you to unlock and the addition of new characters for the game. So let’s begin...


These characters will be available in exhibition mode at the start of the game. You obviously start with a few familiar faces. The characters you start out with are Sonic, (obviously) Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Vector, Espio and Metal Sonic. So 10 characters are a decent start. However the roster will get bigger when you play the story mode. In the story mode you’ll get to play as not only the 10 I’ve mentioned. But also Gemerl, Charmy, Irish and some new characters.

Now some of you are probably wondering why I’ve chosen these characters in particular. I’ll explain why I’ve chosen Gemerl, Charmy & Irish to appear in this game. For Gemerl, simply put, he needs to appear in more games. So far he’s only appeared in comicbook adaptations. The former treated him badly and the latter has done him justice. For Charmy, since I’ve chosen Vector & Espio to be playable, it would make sense for him to appear too. Plus this will be his first playable appearance since Heroes and without the need of him being grouped with his teammates, if the player chooses to do so. As for Irish, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from fighting games is that most of them would have a joke fighter in their roster. Sure I could’ve used Big the Cat. But I want to capitalise on his uprising fame, strike while the iron is hot if you will. Inspired by Wizaria, I picture Irish having the power of luck, but fights like a weak version of Sonic. I just want an excuse to put him in any game.

Now this brings our roster to 13, but there are more characters that we can add in for to you unlock. So let’s move on to the secret characters...


These characters won’t appear in the story mode at all. But they can however be unlocked by beating arcade mode (before you say anything, arcade mode is different to story mode) or other conditions with a specific character. Here’s a list of characters you could unlock in the game...

Jet the Hawk - Clear arcade mode as Sonic

Badnik Tails (as seen in Sonic Lost World) - Clear arcade mode as Tails

Chaos 0 - Clear arcade mode as Knuckles

Blaze the Cat - Clear arcade mode as Amy

Silver the Hedgehog - Clear arcade mode as Shadow

E-102 Gamma (not Chaos Gamma from Battle) - Clear arcade mode as E-123 Omega

Zeena - Clear arcade mode as Rouge

Zazz - Clear arcade mode as Espio (how ironic)

Zavok - Clear arcade mode as Vector

Sonic Man (in the style of Unleashed) - Clear arcade mode as one of the new characters

Mecha Sonic - Clear arcade mode as Metal Sonic

Captain Whisker - Play as Blaze 100 times in either exhibition mode or survival mode

Black Doom - Play as Shadow 100 times in either exhibition mode or survival mode

Infinite - Play as Sonic 100 times in either exhibition mode or survival mode

Which now brings our total of 27 playable characters in the game. Any characters that didn’t make the cut will either appear in the background of the stages, be NPCs in the story mode, be alternate costumes for the playable characters or will appear as DLC later down the line. Now 27 characters is a good amount for a fighting game. But you know what? Let’s add a few more. Time to talk about the new characters that’ll appear in this game.


These new characters will appear in the story mode and will be available in other modes afterwards. I wanted the new characters to have their own established personalities, instead of being blank slates like the Sonic Championship characters were. As for how many new characters I would introduce, we need to even out the odd number in the roster. If it up to me, I’d introduce 7 brand new playable characters into this game. Bringing the roster to an incredible 34 playable characters. The question now is what type of characters will they be? How they impact the story mode? And what alignment they fall under? For me I would have 2 heroes, 2 villains and the rest are neutral. Three of them are male, 3 of them female and one robot.

For one of the new heroes, I think one of them should be human. Why you ask? Simple, we need more human good guys in the franchise. Not every human character should be labelled as bad guys like Eggman or become NPCs in the background. Plus it would be nice to see a human character help Sonic while still capable of looking after him/herself in a game. For the villains, one of them needs to be a Badnik. But not just any Badnik, but an E-100 series badnik. Besides the comicbooks, we haven’t had another E-100 series badnik in a very long time. Eggman could’ve easily activated one of them to join his team, instead of relying on third parties to assist him. Hell, the E-10000 robots from the Sonic Riders series could’ve easily become part of the E-100 series than be just a separate group of robots by Eggman. I just hope the E-100 robot isn’t a recolour of either Gamma or Omega. The other villain I think should be a female Mobian. Besides one of Wendy Witchcart’s goons Carrotia the Rabbit and that female jackal (Trois I think her name is) from the Jackal Squad, I don’t think we’ve ever had a Mobian villainess who is bad to the bone. I imagine she would be an agent hired by Eggman who agrees to partake in the tournament with his robots and possibly be a rival for Amy.

Another thing that these new characters need is a set fighting style. One of them could fight like a monk; one could fight like a wrestler, one could use a bo-staff to fight and so on. It would be nice to have another reptile and/or insect (maybe a mantis perhaps) Mobian to the roster. Maybe have an amphibian and/or aquatic Mobian, since we haven’t got any of those in the games yet. Or better yet, we could have a Mobian based on a mythological creature like dragons or unicorns, maybe have another yokai inspired Mobian like Dodon Pa. If you’ve watched Gaijin Goomba’s Yokai Watchers series, then you know why a tanuki is labelled as a yokai.

But what would be rather cool is if one of the characters is a parody of The Rock by creating a Mobian Brahma bull and naming it Dwayne. Especially since The Rock revealed he’s a Sonic fan and the recent film had Sonic name dropped him. That character can either be a hero or a neutral type of character. Just as long as he acts like he’s full of himself.

So there you have it... the roster of my idea for a new Sonic fighting game. And I haven’t even thought about the possible guest characters or the DLC fighters yet. However I think I’m gonna leave that part up to you dear boomers. What characters would you like to appear in a Sonic fighting game? What would you like the new characters to look like? And if you have ideas for third party guest characters, who would they be? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

In the next part of this discussion, I’m going to talk about the rest of the game features. Such as the stages, other modes, alternate costumes and of course, the game’s story mode. Hope you’ll look forward to it. See you next time, boomers!

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