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Мой паблик:
  • Listening to: Saltillo
  • Reading: Zimbardo "The Lucifer Effect"
German pen-and-ink master.

  • Listening to: Supersci
  • Reading: Veresaev's "Pushkin in Life"
One of my favourite artists on DA hypnothalamus

Stillness by hypnothalamus  Cassandra's torment. Visions of the future by hypnothalamus  Behemoth by hypnothalamus 

Mature Content

Homunculus by hypnothalamus
Homunculi by hypnothalamus
Erebus. Front of darkness. Swarm of Saturniidae by hypnothalamus   Icarus. Rise by hypnothalamus  Exodus. Piano in an empty room by hypnothalamus  Shine by hypnothalamus  Leaving on a jet plane by hypnothalamus 

Mature Content

Imperia pulveris by hypnothalamus
  Oneironaut by hypnothalamus  Precog by hypnothalamus  Andromeda by hypnothalamus  Reliques du monde flottant by hypnothalamus
  • Listening to: Yppah
  • Reading: Nigel Latta

Hi, guys. I have received links to images, stories and even music followed Old hag picture. And points too :o I want to collect all stuff here, so when I will turn sixty i will come back to this entry and drop a solitary tear on my wacom intuos 18.

Thanks people! You are fantastic!


New Hat by Loona-Cry

even witches need new hats by blackadderthe14th

Hat by satamoru

Comic by plintoon

Helping Hand by xArtIsonx 

Dudley by :iconlaverkyn:



Old Hag by :iconxxwolf-blossomxx: 

Story by Francine

Story by :icontrueeros:


Music by :iconnielshakmusic:


Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof!