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owl. [WIP] by Veowulf owl. [WIP] :iconveowulf:Veowulf 0 10
Mature content
Aldous and Falkirk - [NOT PART OF THE FIC] :iconveowulf:Veowulf 0 0
To Turkey
"Denmark?" Asked Jaspert, "Why Denmark?!"
"Frederick is expecting me there." Sophie gulped. "And likely for the reason you think."
Speechless, Jaspert looked towards two of their companions - both the Slovene and the Turk - and received only a shrug from Kunsel. Sarae, on the other hand, had other things to worry about.
While Jaspert continued to argue with Sophie, prompting Argyle and Kaiser to flee, Evike anxiously awaits her parents' arrival. Her hands twitching every now and then behind her, short of breath, and she can almost feel her heart trying to burst out of its rib-cage. At one point Sophie noticed the anxious twitching as they saw bruins heading their way. Sophie turned back to her brother, "I'll tell you more later, Jaspert. Right now we have a duke to greet." She says, to which Jaspert sighed as he too began to anxiously wait.
They were close too; three armoured bears traversing the path of pebbles and gravel. One bear carried the czar, who greeted the Hungarians personal
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Adela ran through the halls of the ship in search of Sophie upon request of some unknown Dane. Edvin, she recalled the man's name as she continued her search for the princess. Shortly after, she found her hand turning the knob to the rookery, and sure enough he finds the Russian prince mounted on by a dozen strafing hawks, Sophie laughed nearby. Dmitri's uniform hangs on a hook, safe from the clart and dirt of the inner rookery, leaving him with a loose shirt and his trousers.
"Ma'am." Adela called in an exhausted huff.
Sophie turned to meet Adela, "Aye? What is it?"
"Someone's here for you. Asked if he could talk regarding some sort of proposal."
Curious as to who it may be, Sophie exchanged looks with Dmitri. Neither one of them had a clue on who it might be and what sort of business they intend to settle with the princess. "Did they tell you who they are?"
"Edvin of Denmark, ma'am. Didn't look like a prince though. Perhaps a representative? or Adviser?"
"Edvin?" repeated both
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Let's face it, Ivan.
"Felicia, you can't possibly be serious!" Cried the duke.
"I am serious!" She answers back, her voice as demanding and fierce as the duke's. "And there's nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise."
Ivan leaned back in disbelief, doubtful of his wife's sanity. "But to live in Russia? For an entire year?!" But he can still consider that, perhaps, her maternal instincts are kicking in again.
"The closest I can be to my only daughter, Ivan."
"Szelerem, she's 17 years old..." Ivan reasoned. "She's no longer a toddler that you have to spoon feed every few hours!"
Felicia groaned, placing her forehead on her hand as she leaned forward on the table separating them. "I just.." She sighed, "It just feels like something dreadful is going to happen to her, Ivan." Said a voice holding back tears. Ivan couldn't see her expression, but he knows exactly what she may be feeling at that exact moment. "Something probably already happened." Added a voice strewn with dread. She sprung up a
:iconveowulf:Veowulf 0 0
Oh Ivan.
"I swear to God, Ivan, it almost seems like you don't love our daughter at all." Said Felicia as she kept her attention on the passing landscape, riding a train from Budapest to Moscow.
Ivan scoffed a long pause before he answered, "Discipline is necessary."
"But abuse isn't!" Argued the duchess. Ivan peered up to her, glaring, but she glared back in disgust over the thought of his past actions.
"She'll be fine."
"Fi-?! Ivan.."
"Dear." He cut her off in a surprisingly calm voice. "At the age of 5, I introduced her to her first dagger, same as me when I was her age. She stabbed her first hare on our first hunting trip with her. Then at the age of 8, her first stag. At the age of 10, we introduced her to archery. It took her no less than a year to master the basics and immediately moved on to advanced archery. Finally, at the age of 12, her trainers began to teach her hand-to-hand combat. Now she's able to make any man eat dirt. She'll. Be. Fine." Stressing the last few words, he
:iconveowulf:Veowulf 0 24
“What was that about?” Asked Sarae just as he closed the door while 2 guards began to escort them out the palace.
“He just returned something of mine.” He says nervously. “Something very valuable.”
“Well your gunblade’s with you all this time. I wonder what it could be.” She asks herself. Implying as if she plans on interrogating the answer out of him. He got the idea quickly and loosened his collar.
Just then, the door to the front of the palace opens and lets in a travel-worn man clothed in almost the same frill as Dmitri’s tutor. His accent, as he was escorted – heavily – by several guards, sounded northern, clearly of Nordic origin. The sound of the commotion prompted Nicholas to investigate, marching into the hall in annoyance, his brows furrowing.
“Who had the authority to let this man into the palace grounds without my consent?!” He growls at the guards while gesturing at the man they’re ke
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Imbre looks down at his watched and grunted, grabbing a small vial from one of the shelves in the infirmary and began to use a syringe to extract the liquid within. Nearby, Nora checked the clock hanging on the wall and wondered if she guessed it right, “it’s that time?”
“Yes.” He says dryly. “Where is Lady Antal?”
“Frankly, I’m not sure.” Shrugged the boffin. “perhaps you should check on the prince?”
“What concerns do I have with h-“ He stops mid-sentence as soon as he sees her raise a brow to imply that he was missing the point. The thought struck him hard and he lets out a disgruntled scoff. Keeping the syringe in his coat pocket with great caution, he heads out the room and began his search for the prince. He stops at one corner when he sees Deryn walk into the room where he suspected Evike to be. With an that complicated of an obstacle, he leans his head on the wall impatiently. But after a while,
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Back at the airship, now inside the room where Artemis was being watched by Adela, Sophie attempts to bond with her new brother by taking him from Adela.
"Still small and pink..." She says, then laughs, "He's adorable!" Jaspert rolled his eyes at this, smiling, then wondered when there ma and and da would be coming back.
"Wait." Evike abruptly interrupted, "Doesn't Dmitri need your father's permission to get this plan going?" She asks him. Sophie overheard and exchanged looks with Jaspert, catching what Evike is pointing out.
"Isn't da with the czar?" Asks Jaspert.
Sophie pondered for a moment. "I think he is."
"And ma?"
"I.. have no idea." Artemis began shift and squirm in her arms. "Easy now, Arty, ma and da will be here soon."
"ughh, I want to go back to the airship..." Groaned Deryn to a woman accompanying her. Both sitting at the door of a rescue helicopter set for a test flight later on. The woman accompanying her was Russian, as expected, and currently works as an engineer at an
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EFF YOU, TUMBLR by Veowulf EFF YOU, TUMBLR :iconveowulf:Veowulf 1 18
that bloke!
"What?!" Felicia re-read the last paragraph of the letter she received from Jozsef. "Oh that's Terrible.." She says, keeping a hand over her mouth in dismay.
"A letter from our daughter?" Asked Ivan.
"The marques, her tutor."
Ivan's eyes furrowed, "What'd she get herself into this time?" Asking in a tone ready to scold, whereas Felicia dropped her arms in protest to his assumption.
"It's not about her, dear! Why must you assume so much wrong from her?"
"I'm yet to see what she's truly capable of, Felicia. It's only necessary that I force that potential out of her."
"By what? Emotionally scarring her?!"
Ivan turned sharply, raising his voice. "A stallion needs to be broken!"
"To be tamed and used, Ivan. Is that what you want her to become? Tame and easy to use?" Her eyes pierced into his, slowly conquering the flame she sees in his eyes. "She's not a stallion! A mere horse to be saddled and reined? No, that is not what my daughter is."
"Our daughter." Ivan corrected, only to be quickly
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Short arse chapter
Back at the hospital, after finding it more than necessary to put up with the new clothes, he was just about done with getting dress. Only the jacket and the gunblade straps remain on the chair. He pull on the strap, covering that of the suspenders and secured the first buckle. Just then his head began to ache, feeling it run down his spine. It's becoming more and more frequent.
"They expect me to walk with this headache?" Kunsel growled, brows furrowing as he was rubbing the back of his neck. Sarae laughed airily "It's the medications wearing off, liebe." She comforted, "Plus you're expected at the palace under His Highness' request."
He asks, "Which one?"
Trying to remember what the nurse had said to her, she recalls a name. "His Highness, Aleksandar of Austria-Hungary."
"What?!" Kunsel exclaimed, prompting yet another stream of pain run down his spine. Right now he ignored it and quivered to the thought of an emperor requesting for him. "Ha, no. If they need a cook, tell them I wont
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tears streaked down his cheeks. Turning on the shower, he lets his clothes get soaked as the water rains on his back. He leaned, with bloodied and scarred hands, against the wall, sobbing. And he remembered... up until her last breath, he remembered.
A blade pierced just below her ribcage to her stomach, and two more bullet wounds to the lower abdomen. He pressed his hand against the wound below her ribcage, in hopes to stop the bleeding. Her breath became labored, exhausting even, that she had to slow down into an agonizing pace as broken bones are pressured.
With a blood-strewn throat, her groggy voice called for him to lean closer. He abide, as a small tear dropped, he listened to what she has to say.
"Pity." she began, "We never made it to Turkey, love." He hand crept to his sleeve, gripping it tightly. The world that surrounded them was silent; nothing croaked, nothing spoke, not even the ringing of a gunfire. Nothing. Though to his peripheral he sees allies rushing towards him, m
:iconveowulf:Veowulf 0 7
"Alright dear, now keep a good grip on the handle." Lilit instructed, shifting her daughter's fingers to correct positions on the handle of a dagger. "But not too tight. You'd want to swing the dagger as naturally and smoothly as possible." Sarae checked how she held the weapon compared to her mother, squeezing the handle and feeling the solid steel beneath layers upon layers of cloth, rubber, and leather. "Am I doing it right?" She asks, to which Lilit smiled. "Yes dear, just try and relax your hand." The willy daughter of the Turk made herself used to the grip and, with eager spirit, tackles a dummy sat up in front of her, stabbing the poor thing in the middle of its torso. Lilit laughed proudly, shaking her head as she did. She walks up to Sarae and pulled the knife from the dummy.
"Sarae, instead of stabbing the man with your dagger like it were a pin cushion, slice him like you're using a sword." Lilit instructed. Willing to use new knowledge in action, Sarae took back her dagger
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Merry Christmas, sis
Topside on the leviathan, at the very edge of the airship's head, Dmitri leans over to look at the ground below. He swallows, feeling his stomach churn as he held on to the safety line attached to his belt and the harness Sophie lent him. "And you actually enjoy being up here?" He asks, turning to her. Though Sophie was busy tying knots at a fair distance from him, she overhears and managed find time to answer. "Aye, almost as much as I love riding these huge, clanker juggernauts."
Dmitri gave her a confused look in reply, not sure what she meant by 'juggernauts'. It sounded too unfamiliar. Figures, the princess thought. "You darwinists can be so daft sometimes."
"Ey, it's not my fault I was raised in a darwinist nation!"
With a tugged of the well-secured line, Sophie stands back up and walks up to him, then patted him, whispering "Try not to scream." A new terrifying thought engulfed the Russian prince, with half a mind telling him to run as far as he could. But he couldn't for
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Dmitri escorted the siblings out the front of the palace, conversing with them along the way. His topic mostly consisted trivial experiences, like his first time dissecting a creature larger than a common lab rat. It was messy, he admitted to the two, but what made that story interesting was that he discovered one of his chess piece in the creature's stomach. From there, an unrelated idea popped into Sophie's mind.
"Ey, Jasp. You think this prince has what it takes to be an airman?" She asks, showing the familiar mischievously glint in her eyes.  Jaspert thought of it for a bit then shrugged mercilessly that he practically allowed Sophie to have her way with the Russian prince.
"Why don't you find out? I'm sure ma would understand."
"What!?" Dmitri exclaimed, protesting against the what they have planned to do to him. Though half his heart is excited for some reason.
Sophie ran down the remaining the steps and began to lead the way. "Oh do relax, Dmitri. We won't do anything par
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WARNING: May contain macabre, dubstep, fantasy, steampunk, and fanarts. The following may induce uncontrollable Joygasms and/or vomiting. :drunk:

You have been warned :faint:



ALSO, school's over. Finally! Now I await my grades. I'm very sure I failed both the lecture and laboratory classes for PHYS101.. fuck. Oh but hey! At least the specialization and registered for(in exchanged for Digital Arts) has Physics also that starts next academic year(this year), so if ever I do fail at least I get to retake the subject alongside my new curriculum like it never even happened at all :) I've yet to regret shifting to an Animations and Game Design specialization.

aaand I'm taking a break from writing to get back to practicing my programming. Trying to get a head start on Python and JavaScript, since C++ is being a huge arse right now and wont let me learn anything. #FILE-HANDLING_PROBLEMS!
Sorry, Jasp. Your snogging will just have to wait.

it's been how long since my last post?
ugh, effing wisdom tooth got my gums to swell.
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