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I'm still alive. I just haven't had time to dink around with MMD/PMXeditor or any drawing stuff in a hot minute. Been hella busy irl, but I haven't forgotten about this account or anything like that. I love to MMD and do artwork and post cosplays and things for everyone here ^^ i just haven't had the time recently. And I really only get super MMD inspired when I have a besties weekend at Danna-MMD 's place, otherwise I just stock pile what parts I wanna use and then make little to-do lists for each edit and shiz. I'll get some downloads up and ready for y'all soon, I promise :) I always try to pull through. 
It is getting into the peak of con season and I'm gonna try to do more local events in the PNW this year cuz I didn't get to go to Sakura-con this year AND THE CONVENTION NEED IS STRONG!!! I con crunched with my friend but didn't actually con so that was HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yeah.

Anywho- some good news, we are apparently not going to be losing our house anymore! We got very fortunate somehow and will get to refinance and keep this place. I do still plan on moving out soon cuz I get tired of things around here a lot (it's a very old house with a lot of problems) and it's just the time for it ya know?

Some more news!!

-I do have commissions open right now so if you are interested in an art piece or some MMD help then please note me and we will discuss stuff :)

-I also have set up a new goal on my ko-fi with the intention of putting the money towards the deposit for an apartment and I would be immensely thankful if y'all donated <3 <3 as stated I will do a sketch for you or give a shout out on any of my social medias for you :) just name it! buy me a coffee maybe? :D

If y'all wanna chat or need anything from me I always have my inbox and comments open so just hit me up ^^
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Please read if you want to know what's been going down owo
tldr: My life is a dumpster fire and I need help from all you beautiful humans in exchange for drawings or mmd stuff.   

Sorry for not posting or reblogging or doing like anything on here recently. Life has been trying to actually kill me recently, be it with stress or with that car wreck I was in last week.

Yep! You read that right! I was in a car wreck. Lemme tell ya about that cuz ya boi is surprised he is even alive rn tbh. SO- I was at a stop sign that was part of this 4 way intersection, I had no visibillity on either side so i crept forward a little bit in order to see the damn road and check if anyone was coming in either direction (no one was at the time) so I proceeded to go through the intersection. Mind you this is a residential area and in my state you can’t go more than 20-25 in a residential zone, I was barely going 10-15 cuz I had just started to move through. Outta nowhere on my left (which is the driver side as i was the driver) this car comes barreling around a corner going 40+ miles an hour and crashes directly into me on the drivers side, it caused me to then back spin outta control, hit a tree and then go up onto a sidewalk and almost go through the front of a small apartment building had i not been able to recover and pull the e-brake for dear life.

The car i was driving was totaled and so was the car that this crack whore (and i’m saying this because she is proven to be one and not just to insult her) was driving, she also crashed into a parked car and dented its passenger side door in. None of us were seriously injured at all, miraculously my friend who was in the passenger seat of my car only got shaken up, i got bruised all up and down my legs and had a mild concussion, the lady who hit us got a small cut on her forearm but it wasn’t even deep enough to draw blood.

Here’s where it gets even better! And by that i mean worse for me. She was a homeless crack whore who was living out of this vehicle, she had no insurance and no valid license. She also refused medical attention after I called 911 which means she could have very well been on something at the time and a preliminary exam would have easily proven that. SO! With all that in mind, I got a ticket for failure to yield after a stop sign and since i was the only one with insurance I HAVE TO BE LIABLE FOR EVERYTHING APPARENTLY WHICH BULLSHIT BEYOND BULLSHIT BUT YA KNOW THATS MY LUCK SO HEY LMAO! 

This all happened on the morning my other cars engine died and it is beyond repair so i have to sell that thing for parts pretty much. Now we have no cars, at all. Relying on friends to basically uber us back and forth from work for a while until the insurance tries to help us out at all. Thus far they haven’t. I was approved for an auto loan from my credit union but it has very strict limitations so it’s hard to find anything yet.

ONTOP OF ALL THIS!!! (Oh yeah, it gets EVEN BETTER) Likely losing the house I’m living in like 6 months. So I’ve only got that much time to figure out this dumpster fire that is my life. I never once thought that life after university would suck this much. Like. wtf. Why.

I am going to try and set up a gofundme thing just to try and help scrape together  some semblance of funds to help. At this point I am trying to remain hopeful and optimistic but I am getting fucking desperate y’all. Any help i receive will be going to replacing the car(s) and then saving to move out of here and find a stable place to live. orz
As of right now I have started a ko-fi account because that way if any of y'all choose to donate and help dis bish out then I can properly thank you and contact you about what sort of content you would like as a gesture of thank you- be it a drawing or help with an MMD model or something :)
This first special thank you goes to my MMD grandpa and one of the funniest dudes I know: Maddoktor2 <3 you're incredibly sweet and the best grandpa I've never had! 

I am keeping the ko-fi (and potential gofundme) links on here, my tumblr and my insta due to the fact I have more of a following on all 3 of these places than I do on facebook qwq;;

If you are able to donate it would be greatly appreciated and I will certainly provide content for you personally as a show of grattitude :)
You can choose from a feature on any of my accounts, a fan sign in any of my cosplays of your choice, a drawing of your choice of any character that I will upload for you or mail it your way if you prefer physical copies, or helping with any MMD problem you may have that is within my power to fix <3
Even if you're just able to share this or any of the posts that have the link and spread the word to help a potato out then it would be immensely appreciated <3 

Thank you to those of you who have made it to the end of this <3 You're all amazing and i genuinely love and value all of you who i've met on here :) <3

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Tagged by the Midge-rover, SmolSpoon 

A- Age: 22
B- Biggest Fear: Currently, being homeless, drowning in debt, losing what is left of my sanity, losing my boyfriend, getting in another car accident, driving
C- Current Time: 1:55pm
D- Drink you last had: Brisk Lemon Tea
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Jakobtheman99 DannaArts SleepyIsDead SmolSpoon, Sins-Marionette , Kaotic-Cass  and a heck ton more people. I can blab for hours if no one stops me.
F- Favorite Song: "If I had you"- Adam Lambert
G- Ghosts, are they real: Probably. I have had some experiences tbh.
H- Hometown : A shitty little freeway stop that's honestly a cesspool for crime and drug abuse, masked by a beautiful valley of roses and tall trees.
I- In love with: Jakobtheman99 <3 <3
J- Jealous Of: A LOT OF STUFF BRUH, Let's not go there.
K- Killed Someone? : Almost did. But she woke back up after 4 days =_=
L- Last time you cried?: A long time ago. Surprised it's not been more frequent and more recent.
M- Middle Name: James
N- Number of Siblings: 1 half sister, 2 step brothers, 2 step sisters, several siblings of my soul.
O- One Wish: Just to have a decently nice life for my boyfriend and I. We have worked so hard in our time and are just being shat on right now and it just, sucks.
P- Person who you last called: Sins-Marionette 
Q- Question you're always asked: "Is your hair natural?" "Are you a girl?" "Is this on sale?" (at work and I COULD KILL BITCHES HOW HARD IS IT TO READ TAGS JESUS FUCK) "Who is the top and bottom in your relationship?" "Are you okay?"
R- Reason to smile: Plenty. Trying to keep them all.
S- Song last sang: "Uptight, everything is alright" by Stevie Wonder
T- Time you woke up: 9:45AM
U- Underwear Color: Not currently wearing any ;)
V- Vacation Destination: This list goes on for miles tbh, BUT MY GO TO PLACE IS DISNEYLAND
W- Worst habit: Biting my nails, biting the skin off my lips, picking at my scabs and never letting them actually heal (stolen from midge cuz we have the same habits), spending money when I know i shouldn't. Procastinating, staying in the bath for 2+ hours after i got in.
X- X-Rays you've had: just dental ones
Y- Your favorite food: Most seafood dishes. 
Z- Zodiac Sign: Leo! 

I tag: anyone who wants to do this.

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1: Do you have a song stuck in your head? What is it?

"What do you want from me?" by Adam Lambert

2: Who are you thinking about right now? Tag them if possible

I think about a lot of people a lot of the time but I've always got my boyfriend on my mind ^^ <3 cliche I know. Jakobtheman99 <3

3: Favorite model ever?
//sweats more
//sweats a lot
//sweating loudly
UHM! This is a hard one for me because I love so many models for so many reasons. How do I pick just one!!? I am gonna go with lat miku just because I can mesh edit her like crazy and turn her into so many other characters so easily.

4: Favorite motion?

Currently it is Gakurako Jodo. But all time it's Dream Fighter. A classic //finger guns

5: MME effect you hate with a fiery passion?

Working floor. I used to love it but then it gave me attitude so now i hate it.

6: What's your favorite drink?

Soda: Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper
Alcohol: Pina Colada's and Midori Sour
Tea: Mango Black Tea Lemonade from Starbucks
Milk: Strawberry

7: Who do you admire in the MMDC?

SleepyIsDead / DeidaraIsDead 

All my babes <3 <3 <3

8: What Vocaloid do you like the most?

Hi yes hello have you met Miki? THE CUTEST SPACE BABY EVER TBH

9: What Vocaloid do you dislike the most?

Honestly, Miku. Just cuz she is soooooooooooo overdone.

10: Favorite thing about MMD?

Textures. Like I am such a slut for textures. But I honestly love all the people I have met through this program, some of y'all have become some of my best friends <3

11: Least favorite thing about MMD?

The MMDC //slapped
But nah um I really honestly don't like the sense of entitlement that people seem to have now-a-days where they demand parts and models and textures and demand to headswap or radaradarada. Ya know? It's just a real dampener and like- hey people spend days and weeks working on these things, we don't just churn them out over night. It takes time and effort, these are digital art pieces tbh.

12: How do you feel about the MMD Communities?

I wish they could get better, they used to be alright but I wish they would improve just a little bit. Make people feel more welcomed and stuff ya know?

13: How are you?

Overworked and underpaid. Broke but I'm happy, poor but I'm kind. Lost but I'm hopeful. I am honestly in kind of a weird bad place and am trying to get out of it but it's been a struggle. I'm really trying and i'm thankful to those who are patient with me throughout all my ups and downs.


1. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Do you still want to be that thing?
2. Do you watch American Dad?
3. Who do you look up to in the MMDC?
4. Favorite anime and manga?
5. Do you prefer summer or winter? Which seasonal colors do you tend to go for?
6. What is your favorite fast food?
7. Do you have a favorite model from any one creator?
8. Country lovin' or City life?
9. What's your all time favorite fandom?
10. Do you prefer digital or traditional art?
11. Disney or Dreamworks?
12. Do you have a favorite model of mine? Totally fine if you don't, just thought I would ask ^^
13. Favorite model or piece of art of your own? :3

If you're tagged ^^^^^ up there then you gotta do the thing I guess XD
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  • Reading: iTunes user agreement
  • Watching: American Dad
  • Playing: MMD/PMX editor
  • Drinking: PIBB
This seemed like something fun to do since i'm stuck in a model block rn that just makes me hate everything i've made :D

1. What's your favorite thing to do in MMD?
A: I LOVEEEEEEEEEE MAKING MODELLLSSSSSSSS!!!!! More than videos tbh, but that's just cuz my old laptop couldn't handle making the videos but it could handle pmx editor. My new laptop has a great graphics card and what not but it does not like to do MME X'D so i can do basic bitch videos but i still love to do models.

2. What is your least favorite?
A: Posing. Definitely posing. i suck at it. And I only like so many of the pre-made pose datas :'D

3. Favorite model maker?
I love the basics like LAT, Tda and YYB but I also really like PonPochou models, they're really really adorable. ALSO KEMIKA?? LIKE OMFG SLAY MEEEEEE!!! I had a major thing for 3Xma styled models back in the day too and then they did api and i just died X'D

4. Favorite model editor?
A: I've got a lot of these but I adore DannaMMD , DeidaraIsDead , SmolSpoon , kreifish , DesertDraggon , Jjinomu , Swatmare , cacti-sloom <3 my MMD inspirations and many many senpai's <333333

5. Favorite Stage?
A: Silver Spoon City!

6. Favorite motion?
Uhhhhhhh when i first started using this like...7 years ago it was Dream Fighter X'D now it's like...Classic or Hurly Burly? But I've really loved using Breeze, Die Young, Marinette no kokoro and Gokurado Jodo. 

7. Favorite professional model?
A: YYB YanXi !

8. Favorite edited model (of someone elses)?
A: Ok my original fave MMD model ever was DesertDraggon 's DT styled Sfa2 Miki <333 that was the model that made me want to start editing models tbh. She is still my fave ^^
My other fave faves are ZeeU and Sfa2 Mikey v4 by Jjinomu , Kiku Juon by DannaMMD , Tda Ritsu Namine by PeachMilk3D , Elegant Galaco by chippedlilac , and all of DeidaraIsDead 's self models tbh they're so well done!!!

9. Favorite edited model of yours?
A: My v4 Miki, she is hands down the best model I will ever produce. She took 2 years to perfect but I love her to absolute pieces <3

10. Least favorite model maker?
A: I. I am not a fan of Ginjishi...the faces are just too...too much. And the clothes on the models look like they're in need of an intense ironing...this is just me tho, it's not my aesthetic. If you like this style then you do you boo! No hate.

11. Least favorite model of yours?
A: UH. //sweats loudly ....A lot of them. A lot of them. We don't talk about my edits >w>;;;;

12. Favorite part of making a model?
A: I love doing spa's and toons. It's calming. But if that's too basic of an answer then I actually really love to rig things? Once i got good at it i really enjoyed rigging things! Hair is still not my strong suit tho, i am soooooooo bad at hair X'D

13. Least favorite part about making a model?
A: Honestly, texturing. A bad texture can just ruin an entire model and I am a very nervous and like anal retentive artist so textures take me the longest anyway, I always do them last. Out of like avoidance and laziness qwq;;; but I do it eventually! Somehow.

14. Favorite fandom within the MMDC?
A: mmmmMMMMMmMMmMMmmMmmmMmMMmmMMmmmmmMMmMmmmmm. Vocaloid //slapped with fish

15. Least favorite fandom within the MMDC?

16. Favorite crypton vocaloid?
A: Len Kagamine! He was my first vocaloid cosplay and my first shota crush //slapped again with different fish

17. Favorite vocaloid?
A: Gumi and Galaco! My babies!! <3 Also CUL cuz I think she falls into this family.

18. Favorite AH Software Vocaloid?

19. Favorite other vocaloid?
A: Ring Suzune! My poor cancelled little cotton candy haired maid. I also ADORE RUBY!!! Like mmmmmmm dayum.

20. Favorite Utauloid?
A: Mako Nagone!! Ninja's are cool bruh.

21. An MMD/PMXe thing you have no shame in admitting?
A: I've edited win100% models for personal use!!

22. An MMD/PMXe thing you brought shame upon yourself with?
A: I existed and thought it was a good idea to make models //shanked with that fish
Nah man, idk, uhhhhhhh...omg. OK only a few people know about this but LAT LUNA. From my old account. Just. /lat luna/ My best fail ever. I take great pride in this great shame.

23. Do your fandoms have good model representation in the MMDC?
A: I guess so? It depends on the fandom. I've got THOUSANDS. I suppose winx club and MLP could use some more representation I guess. Like. Just more edits?? I'm working on some X'D
DOA would be nice too, but again, it's a little fandom so it's just me working XD

24. Do you or have you ever used game rips in your model edits?
A: Oh yeah, been there done that. Some game rips are REALLY NICE! I am a sucker for PD stuff man. And i like the clothes from DOA.

25. A personal MMD confession from you:
I used to be that person who would go around on pictures of nice models and comment " DL? " like wayyyyyyyy back in the day. I was that bitch.

tagging: DannaMMD , DeidaraIsDead , SmolSpoon , MajesticFork , whoever the hell else wants to confess their sins to meeeee ;D
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.:Commission INFO:.

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2016, 8:04 PM

Soooo my job has been really spastic with the hours it gives me and my paychecks are smaaalllll and kinda lame, with my boyfriend not having any luck with his job searches I'm trying everything I can to earn money so I can pay bills and still get to do some fun things like cons and things. I hope you guys would be interested in commissioning me for something qwq
If you are interesting in commissioning (first of all THANK YOU~!!!) then please comment or note me so we can work out the details of the commission.

Drawing Commissions:  I'm opening up drawing commissions for everyone. Meaning I will draw you a thing if you pay for it! I will draw most things but there are some i won't, here's a list of all the things XD :

Will draw:
-Anthropomorphised things
- Ponies

Won't Draw:
18+ Furry
- Expansive Scenery 
- Gore (depends)

Feel free to note me though if you have any questions about your commission, we can work out the details ^^
Commission Prices:
- Pencil sketch $5
- Inked and Colored Drawing $10
- Completely digital touched up drawing: $20
- +$1 to each tier for more than 2 characters, $1 per character.

MMD Commissions:
Eyyyy I'm also taking MMD commissions and by this I mean I will be offering to do complete fix ups on your model! If it needs rigging or physics fixing or joints or if you have NO IDEA what is going and just need help- I gotchu. I will fix it up as best I can.
And I've checked all the rules about this- since it's not me using the MMD program itself to make a profit but instead PMX editor it is totes okay to do.

MMD total model fix up:  $5

I'll be taking 5 of each of these at a time so I don't totally overwhelm myself and so i can just see if people are actually interested in doing this.

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Hey everyone who watches me for MMD related things- there is something i need to bring to your attention real quick like---

I have taken down several models in my gallery as of 2 days ago and will probably remove a few more soon. Why- you might ask? Well some of them are old and don't work very well/didn't get a positive response so I took them down since not many people used them. Others I took down because now that i have gotten better with the program i notice a lot of glitches with them that I can fix so I took them down to fix and then re-upload later. Some will go right back up soon and some will take a little longer to be put back up and for that I apologize but I just want them to be as good as they can for you ^^ <3

I will also try to give out parts downloads sometimes since i've found that sometimes I can actually make pretty good model parts when I try?? Like I made a really awesome hoodie for Tda yesterday and I'm really proud of it?? I'm no where near Jjinomu or RandomDraggon or Likeabaka's status but I am trying ^^

- Which models have been taken down?
A: See the Lights IA, Tda CUL, YYB Teto, Tda Nami Utaune, Tda Miki v4. I am debating on taking down +Reverse Ritsu too because someone pointed out a big glitch with him. We will see.
- What do I do if I have the older versions of these models?
A: You can still use them and what not just respect my rules on each of them please :) 
- When will they be back up?
A; It honestly depends on how much needs fixing. Nami will go back up tonight cuz i fixed her arm thing really quick, Miki is getting an entirely new model that will go out for my birthday gift to everyone, IA needs some rig fixing and a base touch up, CUL needs some hair work and I plan on adding her other outfits in with the download too soooo, Teto needs some rigging and part fixing in her shirt. Like I said, it depends on the complexity of the issues each model has/ when i feel getting around to them //slapped
- What about your Tda Neru?
A: Honestly i made that model in like 5 minutes and have like no attachment to her at all tbh. She's there. She exists. If you wanna edit her, take parts, turn her into an OC, mangle her to pieces GO FOR IT!!! No need to ask me, just credit me for the original model. That's all X'D
- What models are you going to be giving out eventually?
A: Tda Miki V4 UPDATE, Tda Sf-a2 Miki default costume, Lat Neo Galaco, YYB Neo Galaco, Lat Len V2, Lat Kiyoteru, Dead or Alive Pack (hitomi, ayane, kasumi, leifang, elliot, honoka)
-What models do you think you'll be making in general?
A; A new self model, lot's of galaco cuz i am in a galaco mood, might do some PDF/PDX Miki edits cuz i see a lot of cute outfits that would work for her, genderbent miki aka mikey and genderbent galaco.

You know how to reach me if you have any more questions or need to chat about something :) 
Friendly reminder that commissions are open right now :D

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Hellloooooo to all my watchers and deviants out there in cyberland!

It's been a while since I have actually written a journal entry that actually explains what sort of insanity I am up to now-a-days. Last you all heard, I was getting ready to graduate college. SPOILER ALERT: I TOTALLY DID!! And so did my boyfriend and a bunch of my other friends! We totally crushed it! :D <3

Now here is what is new with me:
- My boyfriend and I have moved back to our hometown and are currently on the hunt for jobs so we can save up and move back to Olympia or to Portland/Seattle with some of our friends.
-Still a ginger, still cosplaying, still an artist, still do MMD, still gay. In case anyone needed clarification XD
- On August 10th-12th I will be in Disneyland with the boyfriend to celebrate my 21st birthday!! We were supposed to go for our graduation present but it had to get pushed back. It's still an awesome birthday present though :D
- My next convention will be Kumoricon 2016 in the fall. Its going on halloween this year, that should be fun!
- Still unemployed but hey I'm still trying! I'll find work somewhere, even if it kills me. I just haven't resorted to fast food yet. My complexion and thighs could not handle it haha //shot
- I've started a website with Kaotic-Cass for our webcomics. It is not available to the public yet because we are still adding content but when we feel it is ready then we will most certainly give out the link.

Here is what you can expect from me here on dA:
- I will be releasing some form of 700+ watchers gift soon! Like wow I never thought I would ever have that many watchers, thank you all so much!
- I will be finishing Tda Luna as part of mine and Danna's collab and giving her out for everyone.
- I will be adding more cosplay pictures
- I will be trying to upload more art work as it happens. I'm just unsure of it so I'm not so sure I wanna upload a lot of it online, but I'm trying to get better about that.
-Despite the fact that my MMD partner in crime has now officially quit I will still try to make model edits and give them out for everyone. I am just a bit slow with the process because I like to be sure the model is as error free as I can get it.
-I will be rearranging my profile a bit and getting rid of old downloads/deviations. Some of my older models that are just yucky will be gone and replaced with newer versions soon.
- I will be opening sketch commissions as well as MMD commissions soon in an effort to build up experience and earn a little bit of money :) I hope you will want to support me <3

That's all for now :D  you know how to reach me if you need to!
Feel free to comment or note me <3

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Hey people who read my journals or still watch me for whatever reason XD just wanted to say that I'm still active on dA, I check it several times a day on my phone I just rarely post anything cuz I am so busy with school work and things that my art and MMD stuff is just hella back logged. I'll try and get some cosplay photos and art stuff uploaded soon when I can find the time this week so fingers crossed you'll see things from me! XD

In case anyone wants to know what my personal life looks like- I'm still happily dating :iconjakobtheman99: we are going to be celebrating our 3 year anniversary on May 26th <3 and we will both be graduating with our bachelors degrees on June 10th! :D it's exciting! But that means we have to start paying back student loans ahhahahahahhahah //dies      that'll be great. But hey our graduation present is going to Disneyland for a week so that'll be a great way to start the summer~!

Cosplay wise- since I don't know when I will actually be getting a job I will probably just be revamping my older costumes and doing some really cheap new ones. Like I'm going to go back and redo my Finn The Human with a new wig and potentially a new shirt and hood but we'll see about that second part. I'm gonna upgrade my Makoto Tachibana cosplay with a new wig cuz my old ones are shitty as fuckkkkkkkkk. And then I'm currently working on Wendell (genderbent wendy from gravity falls), Hitomi from DOA5LR (genderbend again), Prince Gumball (wearing the marshall lee band t-shirt) and I'm going to try and get Kawarou from Evangelion done cuz he's rather simple and then Dezel from Tales of Zesteria for a big group I'm a part of. (really i was just roped into it tho send help XD)

Art wise- I have been working with :iconnocturnenebula: recently on webcomics and digital art. We go to school together and it's been a real privilege to have them as a friend and an artistic mentor! I've learned a lot :D

MMD Wise- I still work with Danna and Sleepy on skype from time to time when I am available to do so and that's always a blast. Right now I am in two collabs. One with :iconaharu: WE BE MAKING MIKI'S and one with :iconessexin-kin: we be doing Mamama Miku costume edits :D
And I'm also going back and finishing old wips and updating older models~ If anyone wants to see my long list of model back log it's

-Tda CUL (upgrade and dress outfit)
-Tda Nami
-Tda Mako (upgrade)
-Tda Luna
-Tda Diva Miki
-Tda Sakibi Teto
-Tda DOA girls (thank you essexin-kin for doing the conversions for me)
-MLPEQG Set (god these are old I need to redo so much aaaaaaaaaaaaa)
-Sailor Scouts (I need to remake the outfits entirely tbh)
-RWBY (haaaaaaaahhhhhhh rigging)
-Mamama Miku Collab
-New self model
-New dA icon
-Upgrade YYB Teto
-YYB Mako Nagone

So yeah that's that XD you know how to reach me if you need more updates than this. ((holy shit I haven't updated the journal since christmas oops //shot))
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Eyyyy so I can't do polls cuz I lack premium but I just wanted to ask what people wanted as a christmas/new years present from me?

Your choices are:
-Tda Sf-a2 Miki V4
-Tda x Pdf2nd Miki pack
-Tda Snow Miki 2015
-Spam of cosplay photos
-Utau model pack (probs ritsu, defoko, momo, nami and a mako update?)
-Something new?? I'm really digging Ponpuchou style ono
-A drawing

Please comment and let me know what you would like :)

Merry Christmas everyone <3
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I'm not gonna be online tomorrow and since I'm not really sure what to give out as a thanksgiving present to you all I thought I would just go ahead and write a journal about so you guys can (hopefully) read about it :)

I would just like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends/watchers on here and to let you know that I'm thankful and grateful for all of you :D you make being part of dA and the MMDC really worth it some days. I'm so happy that I've made so many good friends because of being on deviantART, it's a really wonderful feeling <3 you all are so nice to me even though I don't deserve it haha. Even if you don't celebrate this holiday wherever you are I just want everyone who reads this to know that I am thankful for and grateful for them being a part of my life here on dA <3 <3

I'll try and get some sort of gift up for you guys on Friday if I can ^^ as for tomorrow (thanksgiving day itself) I will be going with my boyfriend to his families cabin in Packwood for thanksgiving dinner, I'll be getting to meet a lot of his family that I haven't yet met and at his grandparents behest I will be shown off to them because they consider me part of their family now ^///^ I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I hope what I've picked out to wear looks good enough for them. Wish me luck everyone! <3
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This person clearly broke the rules for my tda cul model. Took the head and textures right off and bodyswapped with append miku. Didn't ask my permission, didn't even bother to credit me for their crappy edit. I really don't tolerate stuff like this so if I could get some help in getting this taken care of I would be most appreciative.

Also thank you to my lovely :iconswatmare: for pointing this out to me. You're awesome bae
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So today my photoshop and pain tool.sai programs stopped working entirely.
Every time I load something into them or try to open a pic to edit or what have you, they crash.
I am so done.
School is already killing my free time because i'm taking 20 credits worth of classes.
Had a bad day.
Already frustrated cuz the boyfriend was being a dingus this morning.

I'm getting a new laptop for Christmas and as such I will get a new version of photoshop with it and be able to run things better but for now I think I'm just gonna be on hiatus from MMD for a while since I cant really do any texture work anymore =____=;
I have a few models finished that I can put up for download but I have no way to make decent download photos for them now because PROGRAMS CANT WORK ANY MORE! //sobs
Unless someone wants to make some download images for me using the models then I'm pretty much screwed until Christmas which really frustrates me because I had an idea for a really awesome TDA x PDF x VenusSempai Sf-a2 Miki pack with like 8 or 9 models in it but again, obvious problems as to why I can't do that right now.

And on top of all that, I screwed up a model I was working on for an art trade and it has a bunch of bone issues and I'm just so done with everything right now I can't even think straight =______=
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I've been seeing a lot of bullshit going guys..
Not cool. Not cool at all.
Let's start with my babu Danna-
        Like what the actual FUCK? This NetAngel person violates Danna's rules not only once but TWICE and even goes and makes literally the exact same model that Danna had already made but with rip off textures? Bruh. Brrruuuuuhhhhhhhhhh. That's not cool. Like at all. That is some serious bullshit. Did you really have to do this TWICE? And then turn it around and accuse Danna of stealing from Crystallanya? That's pathetic. You can't handle the consequences of your own crappy actions so you have to try and drag someone else down with you, the person you ripped off in the first place. Wow. Well thank you, dipshit, ya made Danna quit. I hope you're happy! One of my favorite people on this wholllleeeeee planet now absolutely hates her favorite activity because of you. Take a fucking bow!
    Just so you know, Danna is one of my best friends and they were the first friend I ever made in the MMDC. We did everything together, we learned how to make models and spent years leveling up with each other and now she's gone. You think disabling comments is going to stop people from calling you out for what you did? Think again! You've messed with the wrong deviants. You'll learn to respect people's rules, just you wait.

Now we're gonna talk about my Swat bby:

       Again we have the issue of people disrespecting rules and editing without permission and sometimes outright stealing and just crappily recoloring models. What the hell people? Is being respectful really that hard??? What did poor Swatmare do to you? I'm starting to get really fed up with all this crap. It makes MMD incredibly un-fun nowadays.
     Learn your place, learn some manners and learn to respect other MMDers that are kind enough to give out their hard work for download. It wouldn't take long for all of us to just stop what we do all together. Which means nothing left for people to rip off but it also means no more people to help you newbs with your model or program related problems.

:icondannapmxer: / :icondannaarts:
If you're reading this just now that I love you both so so so much and hope things will get better for you. I'm going to do everything I can to right some of these wrongs! Don't forget that you can always come to me for anything <3 <3 stay strong lovelies!
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R.I.P. Firefox + Some updates

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 9:10 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Soooooooooooooo I got rid of that pesky virus thingy buuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt it totally fucked up my ability to use firefox x____x

So for now I'm using that Microsoft edge browser thingy that comes preprogrammed with windows 10. Here's hoping it works! It might just be time to get a new laptop though, I dunno. We'll find out eventually. Maybe I'll try and find a cheap one that works nicely when I get my next round of financial aid at the start of the fall term for school this year.
I'll also be getting a new phone soon though so I can finally ditch my old iPhone 4. Don't need that ting anymore X'D

Would anyone be okay with me posting some pictures of my cosplay shenanigans on here? ;w; 

Now for some dA related things:
As most of you saw my 500 watchers gift is going to be mine and swatmare's updated Sf-a2 Miki V4
But I will also be updating a few of my old lat edits cuz I found some things I want to adjust/tweak on them.
I also plan on giving out a huge model pack before I start school back up again it's gonna be mostly LAT edits cuz those are just easiest to make big batches of~

Thank you all so much for being patient with me! I love you all!

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 6:06 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

<da:thumb id="553299057"/>




Wish me luck in the raffle mmkay? <3 <3

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Updates about Venus: Life and Art and Models!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2015, 4:00 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Hello active watchers or people who happen to be reading my journals!
Venus here and I'm gonna give you a quick rundown about my life right now and where the hell I've been and why I'm haven't been super active.

So as most of you know I'm a university student so I've been away at school this past year, well the year is officially over so now I'm on "summer break" I put quotes around that because it's not really a summer break for me because I still have to go to my university every friday to take a class. It's just drawing comics though so it's not like I'll have a bad time. I love to draw I just don't upload any of my drawings on here because I HAVE NO SCANNER *gross sobbing noises* But if the ever so awesome :iconkaotic-cass: lets me use hers then I might actually put stuff up?? WHO KNOWS!!! ALSO THE CONCEPT OF HAVING TO PAY BACK STUDENT LOANS TERRIFIES ME HHHHHHHHHH I DONT WANNA GRADUATE CUZ THEN I HAVE TO GET A JOB AND PAY OFF LOANS AND HHHHHHHHH I DONT WANNA I DONT WANNA I DONT WANNA *whines 5-ever*


Boyfriend and I are still living together and still going strong so that's awesome right? Awww yeaaahhhhhh <3 he's gonna help me with the comics I work on this summer cuz he's just a babe like that. Only the writing though cuz he can't really do artwork X'D he tries though and its super cute. He drew me a picture of us once and it was so cute I died!!

If you liked my cosplay pics then let me know cuz I have a ton of them on my laptop and would be happy to upload more! Also I have a facebook page for my photography/cosplay so if you wanna like that up it is: Star Baby Productions

And now about them MMD modelssssssssssss.....
Okie so I'm gonna be doing things differently for a while? Like I'm gonna try rigging game rips and giving those out for DL like I did with MSJ teto. I'm also going to be making fandom models aside from vocaloids/utauloids cuz tbh I'm getting a little bored of them and just wanna try incorporating my other interests ya know?
I'm sure by now you've seen that I've got some winx club, sailor moon and mlp model wips floating around in my gallery- well I intend to get those finished and up for DL as well as make more of them. Like for winx club I'm working on rigging and updating the textures on those sirenix models (cuz holy crap those textures were GROSS) and my good friend :iconashley-andred: is doing the facials for them because they are AWESOME AND KNOW HOW TO DO FACIALS!!!!!! <3 <3 lots of love! I might also make believix/enchantix edits cuz I love those outfits?? We'll see!
There are also a few fun collabs that I'm working on with :iconchippedlilac: cuz we are always up to no good XD <3 prepare your anus's everyone! There will be stuff!!
And just recently I told my new friend :iconterrathde: that I would help them with their MLP EQG rips BECAUSE I AM A BRONY AND IF YOU CAN'T ACCEPT THAT THEN UNWATCH ME NOW!!! I'm planning on doing models of those horse women so WATCH OUT!!!
Lastly I really really wanna make Always Raining Here models because that is like my fave comic of all time ever and Adrian and Carter are just so gay and cute and hhhhhhhhhh yes. Also Maria cuz she's a sassy asian hoe and I love her~!

So that's it for me as far as updates gooooooo. Got any questions or comments? You know what to do :)

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V-Flower y u be so fab!?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 3:52 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

This is their V$ design and omfg they are sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!
LIKE UGH *heavy breathing* *intense fanboy noises* I WANNA COSPLAY THEM SO BAD RIGHT NOW!!

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To my watchers

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 5:59 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

I apologize for not being very active recently. I thought that spring break would have been the recharge I needed but it turns out I still need a little more. I've just got no inspiration right now. Not for MMD not for art not for anything really. School has like totally drained me :/
I'm participating in 4 MMD collabs and doing 2 model requests right now and intend to finish my entries for them and put them up for download (provided I don't end up using any illegal parts in their making) but then I might go on a short hiatus cuz I'm just not feeling very motivated for this right now v.v I'm sorry to all who I'm disappointing with this but it's just how I feel. Also another big contributor to why I feel uninspired right now is the fact that anytime I or someone else uses one of my Miki edits or someone does something Miki related the deviation gets stolen  by one of the NOW 6 trolls that are creeping around out there now. The title and the description gets taken as well as the tags which then causes my name as well as the names of other people to be associated with the crappy doodles and awful youtube videos that these trolls make. It's just very disheartening and very annoying because now I feel like I can't even make models or pictures or even videos with my favorite female vocaloid :/
I'm gonna try and focus on school and helping my boyfriend. His grandpa recently suffered a stroke so he's been really upset and in a rut (which I am also in) so I wanna be there for him and do what I can to help him. As any good boyfriend would do.

I will still be online on dA and I'll do my best to respond to notes and comments but please don't bug me about models or anything like that cuz that is the quickest way for me to ignore you. I'm sorry everyone but I hope you understand. When I come back from this funk I plan on offering 1 dollar sketch commissions if anyone would be interested. Just letting you know.

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Does anyone wanna buy my tablet?

Sat Mar 14, 2015, 11:19 PM
Hey everyone I'm selling my watcom bamboo drawing tablet because of some financial issues and I was wondering if any of you guys would like to buy it from me? It's in great condition, lightly used, has the pen with it. Comment or note me if you're interested. The sooner the better, I'm kind of in a tight spot here ^^'
Thank you.

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