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Lat Nami Utaune download

By VenusSempai
Happy Easter or Happy 4/20 depending on what you celebrate!
Praise it and Blaze it!
I'm not gonna do either cause ewwww religion and my dads enough of a stoner for like my entire family haha. Smoking is nasty.
Anywhooo here's another Lat model for the collection. I rather like how she looks, she's just generally adorable. And her voice is good too ^^ go listen to her songs. My favorite is Dear Remix :)
Part of the LAT project by RandomDraggon:…

All parts by Lat
Edit by Venus-The-Second
Jacket and added awesomeness by :iconrandomdraggon:
textures and other edits by Venus-The-Second

No editing the models. Unless it's like physics fixing or rig fixing. That is acceptable
The head base thing is editable
No stealing parts or textures
No redistributing
Credit me when you use the models
Comment if you download
Send me a link if you use her in anything :)

Download to the right under the fave button ---->
© 2014 - 2021 VenusSempai
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I downloaded it.

Thank you for the wonderful model.:)💦

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Thank you so much for downloading :) enjoy Nami
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OMG everything is beautiful everything you do your edits waa not love your work ;D
VenusSempai's avatar
Aww thanks! I'm glad you like my edits so much X3
HoroKidori's avatar
Just came to say that I love your models/edits/stuff. You're one of my MMD idols :3
VenusSempai's avatar
Thank you so much for saying that! That really means a lot to me!
HoroKidori's avatar
I'm so glad your happy to know this ^^ It took me a lot of courage to say such thing, I'm too shy ><
VenusSempai's avatar
Well I very much appreciate it ^^ you're a very kind person to tell me that despite your shyness
HoroKidori's avatar
Aww, thank you so much ^^
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She is my favourite Utau, didn't notice about Rin's (not LAT) belt. :doh: Downloaded!
VenusSempai's avatar
Yay someone downloaded Nami!!! Please send me a link if you use her!
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That belt is by ulaP noooooo... *sobs*
VenusSempai's avatar
It was my mistake ;A; she's still an awesome model!
MMDAnimatio357's avatar
it's ok. She's still perfect.... (you'll nver find a lat rin belt thingy )
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